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A total of 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube everyday. An estimate of 300 hours of videos are uploaded on this platform every minute. With the amount of videos flooded on this platform, it is difficult to get views on your videos. But not any more! As you can buy real YouTube views with SocialMediaDoc! Just place the order and watch your views go up in no time.

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We have four different YouTube views packages in our arsenal. Just select the quantity, enter the link to your video, and click on ‘Buy Now.’



After selecting the order, choose a payment mode, from PayPal or Credit Card, and complete the order with our highly secure payment gateway.



Once you complete the transaction to buy real YouTube views, relax and see your YouTube video going viral.

We already have 150,000+ satisfied customers, and we look forward to helping you get real YouTube views. Just follow the three steps above and see your video get viral in a matter of days!

Getting real Youtube views on your videos is easy. All you have to do is focus on the title, description, content, pace, delivery and the views along side, and subscribers will begin to pour in. But this tactic only holds when you have ample of waiting time.

If you want your videos to gain traction and get viral, it’s time to buy real YouTube views from SocialMediaDoc. More the Youtube views, more the targeted audience will know about you! Now when there are numerous real YouTube views providers, here are some reasons why you should choose us:


SocialMediaDoc helps you increase the popularity of your video by delivering the required real YouTube views in just 24 hours. We assist you with increased views while making sure that your account remains secure.


If you want real Youtube views, you’ve landed at the right place. We do not believe in reselling. Instead, we have our personalized procedures through which we get views on your YouTube videos.
SocialMediaDoc also provides an incredible customer service (live chat option) to work out every issue, until the customers are fully satisfied.
If you do not receive your YouTube views at the given time, you will get your money back.


We work through a secure payment gateway so that none of your information or payment data is compromised. Moreover, each order is also processed in a secure environment.
All the orders are handled discreetly, and the website is always encrypted via SSL.


We don’t require your password to get views on the video. All you have to share with us is your YouTube video link.


At SocialMediaDoc, we do not work through exhaust accounts or with the aids of bots. We follow a genuine approach so that there is no instant drop in the views, later. We can also get views from any country across the world.


SocialMediaDoc has been providing social media views and likes for many years. We have experts on our team who work to meet your specific needs.

When you post good contents with appropriate titles and descriptions, your target audience will view your video. But the entire process is going to take a lot of time and effort. With 300 videos uploaded every minute, time is something that a business owner cannot rely on.

Instead, buy real YouTube views from SocialMediaDoc and see your reach and engagement rates go up. The real views increase your organic growth, makes your account look credible, and encourages more viewers to subscribe to your videos.

Here are some other reasons to buy real YouTube views for your latest videos:

When your YouTube account has a significant number of real views, the accounts automatically starts to look credible. Everyone gets the impression that you are offering something valuable, and the account is worth viewing.

It is no brainer that there might be many users in your niche who are looking to gain an edge in the industry. But to make the cut, the first step is to get high number of views so that people become familiar with what you have to offer.
Once users start viewing on your page and spend time on your account, your account will automatically have an improved rank.

Whether you have a new YouTube account or struggling to get through the ever-changing algorithms, buying real YouTube views will give you a strong head start.


As you start with a strong following, other users will also stop by and take a look at what you are offering. This way, many people on YouTube will be aware of your business.

We don’t just stop at views. SocialMediaDoc also offers YouTube likes, shares, and subscribers, when views are not enough to get the required response.


  • Permanent Followers to Stay
  • Authentic Profiles of IG Users
  • Different IP, Safe & Organic
  • No Damage to Your Account
  • Drop Off Quickly in a Few Days
  • Mimic Accounts with Spam Links in Bio
  • Same IP to be Caught by IG
  • Accounts get Shadowbanned

Any Questions?

How long does it take to complete my order?

Once the purchase has been made, we begin the campaign right away. It usually takes up to 24 hours for the campaign to finish successfully depending on the time of day the product was purchased as well as the type of product.

Will you need my Youtube password?

Definitely not! The only thing we require is the link to your video.

Are the Views truly real?

Absolutely! The Views come from active users from our community of over 120,000 real, trusted people.

How can I pay?

You can securely pay with your credit card or Paypal.

Problems with your purchase?

If any kind of issues occur in your purchase, you will get a full refund.

Can my social media account be banned?

No way. While you’re ordering on Socialmediadoc for any kind of social media services, we only ask for your username. We never ask your password!. You just give us your username then we complete the order, thats easy. Your account cannot be banned. Otherwise, we could just send followers to anyone in the world and they get banned? This is not possible.

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