YouTube Ads: What Every Marketer Needs To Know

youtube ads

YouTube, as a marketing platform for the advertisers, doesn’t need an introduction! With 1.9 billion users worldwide, YouTube is a great platform to diversify social media advertising. 

Every day thousands of content creators start a YouTube channel and upload videos to make their brand visible to a large number of audiences. Even the small businesses are leveraging the benefit of YouTube Ad campaigns.

You can set yourself apart and ace your YouTube Ad marketing campaign. If you are a beginner, here is what you need to know-

Why Do YouTube Ads Matter?

Creating engaging video content is harder than writing a textual advertisement. So, why are the online marketers so excited about the YouTube ads? The answer is, YouTube advertising gives marketers an alternative to costly TV ads.

As TV engagement has declined over the past few years, the number of YouTube viewers has skyrocketed. In addition to the increased viewership, YouTube ads are more accessible than TV ads. 

With TV ad buying, you have to pay a considerable amount of money. On the other hand, with YouTube ads, there isn’t any minimum investment.

Being the second biggest search engine after Google, YouTube has greater reach than the TV ads. And, YouTube advertising is more targeted and has better tracking than conventional TV ads. So, you can ensure that your video advertisements are seen by the right audience.

What Are The Different YouTube Advertising Formats?

Google offers different video ad options on YouTube. Let’s have a look at each of the YouTube’s video ad types and how it works-

TrueView In-Stream YouTube Ads

If you select the TrueView ads to form the base of your YouTube ad campaign, all your videos will be shown to the users before they view a normal video. 

The viewers have to watch the ad for 5 seconds. After that, they are given an option to skip the rest and continue streaming the video. 

TrueView In-Stream Ad

If you set these ads directly in the YouTube videos, you can create end screens encouraging you’re the viewers to do something specific, for example, click to your website. You can also set up a call-to-action that YouTube will display in the first 15 seconds of your video. 

Though call-to-action looks much more professional, it isn’t as eye-catching as the end screen. So, it’s a better idea to set up cards or end screens in your YouTube videos.

Besides the skippable TrueView in-stream videos, you can create non-skippable ads that play before the video starts. This type of ad can also be run in the middle of longer videos. 

TrueView Discovery Ads

This type of video ads isn’t as known as the in-stream ads; still, they are pretty common. While searching for a video on YouTube, you might have seen video discovery ads at the top of your search results. 

These are useful when you are trying to promote a video that is longer than 15 to 60 seconds. Even if people find your content interesting, they won’t wait for more than 5 minutes for your in-stream video to finish and continue with what they were watching.

But, if they clicked on your discovery ad after finding it in the search results, they are likely to spend more time watching it.

Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are short (only 6-seconds long), non-skippable ads that are used to create brand awareness. You might think that a 6-second ad isn’t enough to grab your audience’s attention or get more YouTube views.

Bumper Ads- video ads

But, according to Google, it can drive a significant ad recall. This makes the bumper ad a fantastic way to boost your brand’s awareness.

How To Get Started With YouTube Video Advertising Campaign?

Video advertising on YouTube is different from other platforms such as Facebook or Google Ads. You only have to pay for a view if the viewer crosses the 3-second mark. Anything under this threshold is free!

If you want to take advantage of this unique price structure, here is how to get started-

  • Set up your YouTube channel first. As soon as you have the URL for your video, head over to the Google AdWords account.
  • Log in to your Google AdWords account, click the ‘Campaigns’ tab, blue ‘+’ button, and ‘New Campaign.’ This will take you through several types of campaigns to choose from.
  • Choose ‘Video’ and select the campaign type based on the video content.
  • Set the campaign and Ad Group settings.
  • Promote the video content based on your target audience’s interest. Use in-market lists and display keywords to find out those who showcase the purchasing powers. 
  • Use Google Analytics to check who your target demographics should be. 

How To Make The Video Ad More Creative?

Once you have pasted the YouTube video’s URL, AdWords will create an ad for you. What you need to do is mention the URL you want the audience to go whenever they click your advertisement. Also, enter a display URL that Google will show with your Ad. 

To make it creative, you can add a custom image that will show up above the suggested videos section. Pick a catchy mane for the ad, click ‘Save and Continue.’ As Google approves your ad, it will show up and start running. 

Some other useful tips to make your YouTube ad creative are:

  • Focus on making the first 5-8 seconds engaging because this is the time when the viewers decide to continue watching or skip the ad.
  • Design a thumbnail for your video ad that fits the industry.
  • Instead of overloading the content, explain one key point every time to avoid confusing the viewers.
  • Tell a story that engages the audience, while making sure that it’s relevant.
  • Optimize your video for search.                          

What Are The Key Metrics To Track The YouTube Ad Campaigns?

As your YouTube campaigns start running, it is essential to keep track of how they are performing. For this, there are some key metrics you need to check in the Google Ads Dashboard-

  • Impressions
  • Views
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per View (CPV)
  • View Rate
  • Actions Earned


YouTube Ad is an incredible way to get your brand in front of a large number of audiences. Though video content requires more work, it pays you off in the long run. Create engaging content, target the right prospects, keep track of the performance metrics, and you’ll start earning benefits from YouTube advertising.

So, create a YouTube channel, deploy some smart tips to get YouTube views or subscribers and get down with the extremely good video marketing platform.