5 Advanced Tricks To Increase Instagram Followers That We Saw In 2019

Increase Instagram Followers


Instagram needs no introduction. It is the application that has become a standard part of every life in recent years. From an individual to a brand and a small startup to a full-scale business, everyone prefers it to get enhanced market value. The social media application now holds over 500 million daily users and over 1 billion monthly.

However, with these rising popularity and opportunities on Instagram, the competition on the platform also raised. By the year 2019, it becomes challenging to increase Instagram followers with the traditional tricks. So, Instagram users have to switch to advance strategies.

This post will tell you more about these advanced tricks and how they can enhance your Instagram marketing.

Create Complete and Value Serving Bio

Bio is the part of your Instagram page that is responsible for creating the first impression of your page, especially if you have turned on privacy. This part presents a reflection of your page and personality to the customer, which in turn decides whether the person will follow you or not. So, you have to make it look realistic, informative, and, most of all, genuine. It should also present the motive of the page and a clear message about the type of post the Instagram users can expect from you.

The simplest thing to do for making an interactive bio will be to keep it short and straightforward. Multiple businesses, including Oreo, adopted this trick, and it worked pretty well for them.

Oreo Instagram Page


The Instagram users and business even started to add short links and ecommerce store links in their bio. Some individual accounts also started to use emojis. These tricks help you to make the profile more happening, personalized, and hence more attractive.   

Add Filter To Your Posts

Filter and effect were the most considerable development for every social media application. Using them in your picture and video can instantly make it look astonishing.  These filters also work like a keyword where the users can search for images based on filters.

Here’s a list of some most widely preferred and used Instagram filters of 2019.

  • Clarendon
  • Juno
  • Lark
  • Ludwig
  • Gingham
  • Valencia
  • X-Pro II
  • Lo-fi
  • Amaro

These filters have presented pretty impressive results, but they aren't the only filters. Instagram keeps on adding new filters.

The following images will show you some filters and the astonishing effect they can create.  

Instagram Filters


Consider Buying Instagram Followers

If you are starting a new Instagram account, getting real Instagram followers at the initial stage is the biggest challenge. It’s because, at this stage, your account has considerable low likes and followers, which decreases the credibility of your Instagram account. It is also possible that even the potential followers will skip your post thinks that it’s not from genuine account.

Therefore, you must consider buying Instagram followers for your account. It is also an ideal plan to buy Instagram likes for the post.  It will make your account look active and add credibility, which in turn will increase customer acquisition on your Instagram page. 

Live Video Work Best To Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram introduced live video features in 2016 and has gained a lot of fame since that time. At the present time, Instagram account holders are using it to share events, product reviews, and also to interact with the followers. You can also prefer to use the feature to conduct question and answer sessions.

Almost every successful brand and individual adopted this policy in 2019. It helped them to enhance their connectivity with their customers and persuade these followers to share their page.  It also enabled them to establish better word-of-mouth marketing.

The most amazing part of this Instagram trick is that you didn't actually have to spend a high amount on any of these videos. The typical smartphone camera and a bit of planning was enough to gain the required results.

Timing Is The Key To Increase Instagram Followers

When it comes to Instagram, timing the post is everything. It will have a direct effect on the number of people who will be seeing your post, and the appearance you get on the platform. Choose the perfect posting time, and you get instant popularity, fail in this part, and the post gets stacked under million of other posts.

Usually, there are no fix criteria for this part; you have to depend on user data and trends for it. This year a majority of users chose to post during early morning or late evening for maximum exposure. Some Instagram users even time their post to target the lunch break of both students and office going. You can also go for a dual posting technique to ensure the best result. In this process, you have to share multiple posts on the same day. It enables you to cover the timeline gaps.

 The best strategy for this part will be to use an analytical tool to find customer trends. Instagram has also added an in build analytical tools- insight in the application for this task. The Instagram business account holder can access it from the profile options. 

Bonus Trick-Prefer Selfies

Selfies are the latest and the most successful trend of Instagram marketing. This simple change enabled the account holder to add a humanoid touch to their post. It also enhanced their connectivity with Instagram followers and looks more authentic. You can also prefer to use some filters and even create a custom brand filter for this part. Just remember to write a quality caption with each of these posts. It will help you to present the story behind the images and make it look more genuine.

Final Words

2019 was a year of a digital and social media marketing revolution. It presented the Instagramers with some of the best tricks to enhance their account appearance. The five tricks mentioned above are just a part of what it offers. There are still a lot more creative posting tricks that you can use to gain Instagram.

So, keep on learning and checking the latest trend of the platform. It has the potential to provide the appearance, business, and market value you want; you just need to find the ways to leverage its power.