Social Media Icons- Learn Here the Top 5 Strategies for Best Placement

social media icons


Are you investing considerable time in making social media strategies but not getting desired results? Have you tried capturing the interest of your customers with social media icons? Your website is incomplete without its usage. But before including them, you must know its right placement.

Where having these icons buy you Facebook or Instagram likes for your page, at the same time, including too many can even drive away your customers. At times you also place it at inappropriate places where it becomes either unrecognizable or sometimes cover’s your text.

This article will make you learn the top strategies for the best placement of social media icons.

Before that, let us understand which social media icons you need to link.

Some might have suggested creating your presence on every platform where your clients are. But several studies guide to focus more on quality than quantity. When you are active on too many social networks, chances are high; your content won’t get shared. Wondering how? It is quite possible that all these platforms won’t have a strong customer base for your business.

So, instead of being active on every platform, it would be better if you can find the top two or three social networks. These need to be the ones where you can find your vast client base.

Create your presence by investing time in making a high-value profile. Add these active social media links to your profiles to capture your target audience and generate engagement.

Now go through these top strategies for buying more followers and likes and increase customers for your business.

# Use Recognizable Icons

While using the social media icons on your website for increasing engagement, make sure that the buttons and icons that you are using are easily recognizable. It would be beneficial to start with the official share buttons like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Are you wondering how the recognizable buttons will benefit you? If yes, then we would like to tell you that if your readers identify the buttons, the chances are high that they share your content.

If done correctly, these social media icons will give a professional feel to your website, and will also boost its visibility.

# Floating Bar

floating bar


Adding a floating bar will also serve the purpose of including social media icons. It stays visible to the customers when the user scrolls the page up or down. The idea behind this is to make the social engagement links within easy reach of the website viewers.

If you are thinking of adding the icons in the header or footer, then do you think it will serve the purpose? When the content or article on the page is very long, how can the icons at the header or footer stay within the visitor’s sight? Here if you include a floating bar, it will remain in front of the user to easily share your content with these shareable links.

# Use Google Analytics

Look for how individuals are adding social media icons to their websites. You can see it with the help of Google Analytics. It will show you how many people click on these social media icons.

You can track the total number of users that click on the shareable icons included in your website. Is the number as expected? If yes, it’s good, but if no you to need to figure out the ideal position to place these icons. As right now, either these buttons are not visible to your viewers, or they are not in the right location.

# Maintain Even Size and Space

When thinking of including social media icons on your website, the size of these icons is very crucial. Where some prefer the usage of small-sized icons at the top and end of the post, others believe using large-sized icons to catch the user's attention.

We believe adding more prominent sized icons would be a better choice, and it will surely prove beneficial for your business.

Moreover, while using more than one social media icon to get famous among your users on social media, maintaining the uniformity is also vital. By size here, we mean resolution, width, and height. Maintain proper space between different shareable icons and elements used on your website. Also, make sure that all the icons are correctly visible.

# Add Social Media Icons in Your Content

social media icons in content


When you add social media icons within your important content, it allows users to share the specific part of the post they find interesting.

This will make your website reach to a broader audience and thus promote your business. But, while adding these icons ensure that it won’t cover your content. Else, it can go otherwise. Also, make sure not to include these links on conversation pages like the page that contains the link to buy, book or signup, etc. It can also take away the customers from purchasing certain products from your online store.

# Prioritize the Social Networks

Loading your posts or content with sharing buttons for managing your real followers might seem overwhelming to you. To make it easier, it would be best if you choose the top four or five prominent social networks. These should be ones on which your customer base is mostly active. Like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Along with adding the buttons to the top social networks, you can also consider adding an email share button and other networks related to your post.

# Do Not Include Social Media Icons in Abundance

If you add many social media icons on your website, it can hamper the speed of your website. You can not take the risk of slowing down your site.  So, display the limited number of icons, as speed is vital for the best SEO performance and providing better readership to the customers. 

Remember, it is not always necessary that more is better.


In this digital age, social media has become a vital part of everyone’s life. So, it would be best if you grab the opportunity to promote your business through this wonderful medium. The global outreach of social media allows you to increase the visibility of your business and thus increase sales and profit.

So, adding shareable social media icons will do the half work, as it allows your viewers to share the content that they find interesting. But to take full advantage of these social media icons, their placement on the website is crucial.

If you are not using these icons to boost your business, start using them by following the top strategies discussed in this article.