Simple Changes to Boost Your Instagram Followers

Instagram, the application that started as a public interaction platform, now owns a community of over 800 million. Instagram.tumblr, the site that revealed this user information, also stated that more than 500 million of these users are accessing their account every day.

The stats establish Instagram not only as the third largest social media platform but also as one of the leading marketing platforms. You can use it to increase your brand awareness, enhance your market reputation, interact with users, and a lot of other business marketing purposes.

However, several brands, including well-established companies like Amazon, Nike, Adidas, and more are already using it. There are millions of post on this platform and creating an account that can beat this heat, is tough.

Therefore, you have to adopt changes that can make you stand out of line and ahead of the curve. This post will guide you with such changes. Have a look:

1. Start With Your Bio

    The bio on your Instagram is like the home page of your business website. It will create the first impression of your brand and influence the visitor’s decision to stay or leave. Get creative and authentic with this aspect. Write it in a way that it seems attractive in a single glance and could convince the visitors to click the "follow" button.
    Instagram Followers
    Use real names, unique but brand-related profile picture, provide a clickable link, and most of all, write a short description about the account. 150-characters is the max you should write in the description section.

    You can also use Instagram stories to create highlight and buy Instagram followers to make the profile look complete.

    2. Create Portals For Your Account

      The major challenge that hinders you from attaining followers is your appearance on Instagram. The application presents the viewers with only the popular pages. It means a lot of potential followers will not even know about your existence. In other words, you need more users to improve your brand's appearance, and improved appearance to gain more users. 

      It's like a never-ending cycle that has no direct solution. So, you have to depend on other websites and social media platforms to deal with it.

      A considerable amount of Instagram users stay active on other social media platform. Therefore, building your presence on other social media platforms and adding direct Instagram profile link to them can help boost the followers on your Instagram account. 

      You can also buy Instagram followers and include the bio link in your brand website to enhance the results.


      3. Look Innovative and Real

      Regularity and interaction are the parts of Instagram that can create a massive difference in your brand value. The consumer often tends to follow and promote more engaging accounts.  

      So, once in a while, go live, talk to your followers, share your stories with them, tag them in pictures, comment on their content and do all the other things that a regular casual account would do. 

      It will make the followers feel closer and connected to your brand. Once their emotions get attached to your brand, they will promote and bring more followers without any incentive.

      4. Schedule Your Posts

      When it comes to business and branding, timing is everything. The time at which you post a picture, live videos, event, or upload any other content on Instagram will have a direct effect on the likes you will get.

      For instance, if you are in the United States, the best time to post is early in the morning, during the weekdays. It’s because a majority of people start their days with their smartphone during the weekdays. 3 to 4 Pm on Mondays is also an ideal choice as a lot of consumers leave their office after this time. 

      So, use the Instagram data to find the most engaged hours in your time zones and use it for posting your content. 

      Further, make sure to buy Instagram followers to add a more realistic touch to your account. It is necessary to ensure that the viewers spend some time on your account.

      5. Master Elements Of Photography

      According to Omnicoreagency, over 100 million pictures and videos get posted on Instagram per day. The number makes it clear that you have to compete with a lot of brands to achieve the brand appearance you want. It also means that you will need stunning pictures and videos. So, you have to master photography.

      The following are some tips that can help you in attaining your desired target.

      • Focus on only one subject at a time
      • Use negative space
      • Try different perspective and use the one that appears the best
      • Include balance and symmetry in your clicks
      • Pay special attention to details like color, contrast, background and more
      • Add a human touch to every image

      You can also consider tagging some relevant followers to the pictures you post. It creates a sense of belongingness and makes them feel valued. In long terms, it helps to ensure positive feedback and increase shares rates.

      6. Write Descriptions

      A picture can say a thousand words, but it still has room for improvement. The Instagram user often looks for a description reciting the story behind the image. They want you to share your thoughts and viewpoints about the pictures.

      So, as a good host, write a description with every post. 

      The content need not be very long all the time, but it should cover the relevant point. It is also better if you avoid formality in this case. Since the motive here to create a connection with the audience or views, you should focus on reflecting your nature through it.

      Another thing that you have to ensure in this aspect is, don’t use the common captions and try something innovative every time.

      7. Get Selective with the UGC

      Posting user-generated content is the most accepted influential marketing technique. According to a study by statista, about 61% of United States consumer says that UGC influences their engagement with a brand. About 19% of these consumers strongly agree with the fact. 

      Therefore, you have to pay attention to the quality of UGC on your account. It should look appealing, brand-centric, and focused. You also have to make sure to hide the user images that seem weird or embarrassing.

      It will be best if you change the tagged photo appearance to manual mode. It will provide you control over the user-generated content and ask your approval before posting tagged photos on your profile.

      Bonus Tip- Refer to Instagram Insight

      Insight is an Instagram utility that enables you to monitor the activity on your account. It helps you to learn about followers, interaction rates, and also guide you with the post's performance. You can use it to find the content that presented the best results and then regulate your upcoming posting according to it.

      Instagram utility

      Quick Recap

      Instagram is third-largest social media platform that can help you to create and enhance your brand's reputation. It can help you to raise your brand's appearance, customer locality, and even help with influential marketing. However, to get most of it, you have to follow some techniques and apply some changes to your account.

      The changes include updating your bio, creating portals to your account, filtering UGC, adjusting post uploading times, improving photography techniques, writing pictures description, and more. You also have to buy Instagram followers to make account lively and trustworthy.

      So, now, that you are aware of all the tricks, apply them to your Instagram account. They will ensure that you don't have to deal with low followers raising rates ever again.