5 Proven Tips to Get More Retweets on Twitter

Politicians, businessmen, celebrities, bloggers, even the one writing this post is a user of Twitter. There are over 100 million active Global users who access it daily. Moreover, a lot of people buy twitter followers and start a new account every single day. The platform is excellent for sharing views, interacting, and keeping up with social trends.

However, with over 500 million daily posts, gaining popularity and visibility on twitter has become a challenge. Even the most awesome tweets some time fails to get retweets. Even the quality content policies are not much of a help in this section. It's because Twitter allows only 280 characters, so there is no much place for creativity, at least not with the standard ways.

Therefore, in this post, you will walk through a series of methods that will help you to mold your twitter account into an engaging account. It will tell you different strategies that will ensure high visibility and create a drift in the number of tweets on your posts. Let's have a look:

Perfect Your Profile

Like every other social media platform, the followers and engagement rates of your twitter will also depend on the first impression of your account. The profile and bio may not have a direct effect on the tweet, but it will influence your followers.

Therefore, start your twitter improvement task by innovating your bio. The first thing that you have to consider is the profile picture. The picture represents your account, so it should have something that represents you. Mostly for a small business or personal account, your image is the best. In the case of a large brand, you can consider using the brand logo.

The next aspect will be the background picture. The sole purpose of this image is to highlight your profile picture. So, if you are a casual type, use something unique and relaxing, else go for innovative and formal. Using a real-life image of a landscape or event is also an excellent idea.

The last part of the profile is the bio. It's a small description that gives a brief idea of your account. Since twitter allows limited character on it, it's best if you keep it straightforward and simple. You can also buy twitter followers to enhance your profile. They will make it look more trusty and active.

There are many ways through which you can use Twitter and other social media networks to grow your small business.

The following are some examples from Twitter profiles that are doing extremely good. Take reference from then and modify your profile.

Amazon Twitter Account

Plan Your Tweets

Get a little scientific with your twitter account and analyze all the factors before posting something. Find the times when maximum users are online, the most preferred fonts, tending tweet styles, and all such things. It is also an excellent idea to find the days of a week that gets maximum engagement. These factors will help you to improve your appearance and ensure maximum views on your posts. Hence help you to achieve better retweets rates.

Usually, the best time of the week to post something is during Sunday. On that day people are free from work stress and also have a lot of time to retweets. As for the time, mostly after 8 pm and near to 2 pm is the best. It is the time when most users are home and not yet ready for sleep.

CTR Pattern

However, the time may differ according to regions and target audience,   so make sure to do a bit of research.

Use Tags

Tags are not much of a new concept for social media platforms. They are like the sorting system that ensures that your posts reach the right destination or the right traffic. Twitter allows you two different types of these tags. The first one is the hashtag, and the other one is the name tag.

  • Hashtags- These tags start with "#" and are for tagging a specific community to your post. For example, the following snap shows a post from a freelance writer. The ‘#freelancerwriter' in her tweet is the hashtag. This tag will ensure than anyone who access #freelancewriter can see her post.
  • Name Tags: As the name itself suggest, this tag helps to connect your post to a username. It is a more direct approach that is accessible by adding @username in writing parts. Here, have a look at the following example. In this case, @ArianaGrande is the name tags that attach the celebrity Ariana grand's twitter account to this post.
Name Tagging

So, make it a point to tag relevant accounts and communities to your post. It will help you to increase exposure and enhance retweets possibilities.

Integrate Graphics and Images

Twitter has limited the character of a description. However, that doesn't mean you cannot use other ways to convey your messages. Twitter support pictures, animation, and a lot of interactive graphics that can present your messages without long texts.

Moreover, since the users need minimal time to scan these materials, they have a lot better engagement rates than regular tweets. Almost every famous brand and celebrity account on twitter follow these tricks.

Therefore, create some interactive, unique graphics, infographics, colorful graphics, vectors, cartoons, and let them explain the message for you. They will definitely improve your retweets chances.

The following are some examples of the content that you can prefer.

Wix Tweet

Retweet Other

The best way to ensure maximum retweets is to build a strong social network. The easiest way for it is to follow some popular twitter account and comment on their tweets. Since they have a massive fan following, they will have a lot of potential followers.

So, all you need to do is to establish, your presence, and they will become loyal to your account. Once the users start to trust your account, and like posts, it's just a matter of time before they begin to retweets.

On the other side, the following popular account will also guide you with the latest trends that you have to implement in your tweets. You can use these analytics to improve your account over time.

The Final Words

Twitter is all about you the quality of your content and the way you present it. A right writing style, perfect timing, consistency in posts, and emotional connectivity is all that you need to master it. So, have a look at the latest content that is running hot in the market, innovate it, and tweet it.

Combined with the above tricks, it will give you the appearance and retweets that will be more than you expect from a tweet.