4 Best Tips to Positively Deal with Instagram Followers Criticism

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Are you active on Instagram? Are you using the medium to promote your business? If yes, then you must be having a significant followers list. You must frequently be posting stories about your business on your account. On your posts or feeds along with positive comments, have you ever dealt with complaints or negative comments or criticism? So how do you handle them?

As no two users are alike, so the chances are that you receive negative feedback too. Facing criticism is a part of business; important is your way of reacting or handling the situation. For such scenarios, you should know the best tips or tricks of turning the negative user into a positive one.

Here are the 4 tips that help you in dealing with criticism effectively.

Patience is the Key

The moment a criticism starts through comments, all the viewers or your followers wait to see how you handle it or react to it. So, this makes it important to tackle situations with lots of patience and tactics.

Sometimes you even feel that the comment is too harsh and is also not true. But you need to remember that you are to buy Instagram followers for your account. So make all possible efforts to resolve the concern and win their trust. This makes it necessary for you to maintain your cool and respond in a very polite and sensible manner.

The unhappy uses can be your loyal real Instagram followers, and it is not worth to lose your brand’s credibility with harsh reactions. Maintain your professionalism when you are on social media. Always remember, it takes only a fraction of seconds to let your post or comments become viral here.

If you are thinking of standard automated replies for such comments, it is again not the right way. This makes your users feel that you are not concerned about the problems that they are facing with the products of your brand. You are one who can make or break your brand’s reputation in these scenarios. So, deal it tactfully and do not let your social media account to be handled by robotics (automated responses).

Acknowledge Quickly

Whether it’s a negative comment or positive, timely acknowledgment is essential. Instead of delaying or ignoring criticism, addressing them quickly can save your business from being defamed.

When a user is posting some issues that they have faced with your brand’s products that mean you need to listen to them. If you opt to delay or not respond to them, you may end up losing a real Instagram follower.  

If you go otherwise and look into the concerns instantly, it shows that you care and respect your consumers. The problem doesn't need to be solved in a single go, but at least leave an assurance that you are looking into the matter. This allows you to build trust among users. Quite possible that changes their thoughts about your brand and they turn into your regular customers.

When you look into the comments actively, it helps to ease out the tension and earn a reputation for your company.

Think Twice Before Deleting a Negative Comment or Post

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Do you think deleting a negative comment on your Instagram feed or deleting the whole post is the right solution? If you feel so, then think over. An unhappy customer is waiting for a solution; your decision of deleting the comment can only make the matter worse.

Let’s think of it otherwise. Imagine you have a complaint regarding some particular product; you leave a complaint with that specific company and wait for the response. Won’t it seem annoying to you, when you will see that they have deleted your concern instead of resolving it? Will you follow the brand again? No!

No wonder when you share your experience with your peers, it can also leave a negative impression of the brand on them too. The same holds true for managing your real followers too. Be it online or offline; word of mouth matters a lot in any business.

Moreover, when you chose to delete such comments, chances are there they choose other platforms to defame your brand. These can be the locations where you don’t even have the option to delete them. This can also give an imprint that you are hiding facts; that is why you instead of resolving the matter, you chose an escape by deleting the comment.

You need to distinguish between users with genuine problems and ones that are only there to spam your page. There is no need for replying to the ones who are there only to give a bad name to your brand without any reason. Instead of only deleting their comments, blocking such users from your Instagram account is a better approach. You can even report such users, through the option that is activated in your social media account.

Converse with Angry Consumers in Direct Messages



After responding to the negative concern, if possible, try to convince your customers and take the conversation in direct messages. When on the one hand it is necessary to address the concern, on the other, there is no need to keep the conversation public.  

If you are wondering how you can openly ask a consumer to talk in direct messages, then you need to think thoughtfully here. Look into the situation from their point of view and make them realize that you are concerned about the problem they are facing. Ask them to discuss their issues with complete details in direct messages. They will surely like to give you the full details.

If possible, you can even start the conversation first through direct messages, like, “we apologize for the issues, please send your details, our customer support will contact you.” By going this way, you are preventing your other followers from looking into further details.


It is necessary to respond to the negative comments of genuine users on social media. But the trolls they have nothing to do with your business are meant to be ignored only.

Look into the concerns of your genuine Instagram followers by using the tactics discussed above and quickly turn negative scenarios into a positive ones and win your Instagram followers.