Instagram Story Ideas to Boost your Brand

The introduction of Instagram Stories to the photo-sharing network has turned out to be an excellent boost for accounts, brands, and businesses looking to gain exposure.

Instagram Stories is used by a whopping 500 million users every day. The format encourages spontaneous, engaging, and even quirky content. The stories feature has become a powerful tool on the social media platform to boost engagement with their acquired and potential customers.

Stories have developed with a rapid pace on Instagram, even introducing many more features like ‘Swipe Up’ links, Stickers, Shoppable Stickers, Story Ads, etc. The introduction of these features has given a platform to small businesses that cannot afford paid marketing.

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Many tactics can be put in place to boost your brand through Instagram Stories. Let’s get started:


Instagram Stories is a feature that has users watching them for more time than they should. Due to the instant and time-limited nature of Stories, it is a good way of engaging with followers and potential customers through announcements.

Stories are a great way to make announcements about new products, company updates, new staff members, and general updates.

This is an excellent way to share behind the scenes footage that you probably wouldn’t post on your profile otherwise. This will make your followers feel connected on a more personal level and remain updated with the latest info.

This is a great tactic to attract and get real Instagram followers to navigate towards your page and become potential customers of your brand.

Conduct Polls

There were days when intensive market researches were conducted to know the choices, preferences, and opinions of customers.

With the introduction of Instagram Stories, the market research game has completely changed. The days of annoying customer questionnaires seem to have gone for good. Now, brands and businesses can get their answers with just a tap.

Using Stories on Instagram is an excellent way of driving interaction with customers and followers. The option of conducting polls can be used for getting customer feedback, for doing market research, or to know your followers in general.

There are endless possibilities with conducting polls through Instagram Stories. It all comes down to your creativity and imagination on how to keep your followers engaged and interested in your brand.

Many new brands on Instagram also buy real Instagram followers to have an advantage by having an established follower base and to kick-off their campaign on the photo-sharing platform.

Story Stickers

Instagram recently rolled out an option for using stickers on your Instagram story. Stickers have made it possible for brands to interact with their audience in unique ways.

Stickers consist of options like ‘questions,’ ‘poll,’ and ‘reaction slider.’ These are some of the many stickers that can be used to create entertaining yet informational interaction with your followers.

The ‘question’ sticker can be used to invite your audience to ask you some of their questions, as well as for you to ask your audience questions. This feature creates a real-life like connection in the virtual world of Instagram.

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Using these features shows that a brand cares about their customers’ opinions. The proper usage of stickers is great for building a community and positions the brand as a more human, kind, and reliable entity.

The ‘reaction slider’ sticker is another excellent interactive tool that you can use to your advantage. All engagements on Instagram feedback to the algorithm of insights that show how well a post did and how much it engaged with your audience.

The reaction slider works in a way in which you ask your followers their opinion on something and place a reaction slider near to for them to register their responses on the slider. Many creative tools can be used to make a reaction slider look attractive and engaging.

Add Links

Instagram introduced a feature for Stories in which you can add links to your story that will redirect your followers to the page you added a link of in your Instagram Story.

Unfortunately, this feature is available to accounts with more than 10K followers on their Instagram page. Adding links to your Instagram Story is a unique feature and has proved to increase the volume of sales for many businesses using this feature.

Many businesses buy real Instagram followers so that they can become eligible to use this feature to boost their sales through the social media giant that Instagram is.

It is a known fact that functioning links cannot be used on Instagram other than in your bio description column. So, having an option of using them is a story is a bonus.

Make the most of this feature by using creative posting tricks and clear call to actions in your stories. Make sure your followers are aware of where the link in your story will land them.

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Giveaways & Contests

One of the most effective ways to keep acquired customers interested and attracting potential customers is to conduct contests and do product giveaways through Instagram Stories.

The advantage to posting contests on stories is that it lasts only for 24 hours, which creates a sense of urgency for your followers to enter the contest.

Mention the rules of the contest in your story and make sure to post a picture or video of the prize to be given away to get your fans excited about the competition.

Ask your followers to ‘reply to the story with your email address to enter.’ You can then choose a winner from the data you collected from all the entries for the contest.

Doing contest and giveaways regularly keeps followers engaged in your page looking for more.


With more than 1 billion active monthly users Instagram has, it is easy to understand that Instagram is a big player in the social media sphere and can be used to one’s advantage if made use of properly.

While many businesses buy real Instagram followers to be able to use some of the unique features of Instagram, others find a way around to use Instagram to their benefit.

Whatever be the case, the critical role that Instagram plays in today’s business cannot be ignored.