Best Instagram Stories Tips to Market your Business in 2019

Instagram stories are designed to leave users addicted. This feature from Instagram is one of the many ways for businesses to tap into their potential audience.

With the introduction of Stories, Instagram has converted itself into a marketing hub as compared to being a simple photo-sharing platform earlier.

Instagram stories enable businesses to keep their loyal followers engaged, while at the same time leaving their content open for new audiences and potential customers to discover.

Instagram stories have more than 500 million daily users, which makes the feature a win-win bet for businesses to grab on for marketing.

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Here are some of the best Instagram story tips to market your business in 2019:

Tutorials & DIY’s

Instagram stories provide a platform through which companies can create memorable marketing for their products.

Due to the sequential and temporary nature of Instagram stories, businesses can showcase their products in a different light.

Businesses can create tutorial clips of their products for their followers. Stories are bite-sized visual content and are easily consumable as compared to full-fledged blogs or videos.

Instagram stories are short visual content clips, and that makes them the perfect way to create step-by-step DIY demonstrations.

Market Research through Polls

Instagram stories have made other traditional market research techniques look outdated and rendered them irrelevant.

Polls in Instagram stories are an excellent tool for businesses to interact with their followers. Polls are stickers that can be used in your Instagram story for many different purposes.

Businesses have used Instagram stories to conduct polls for conducting market research, gaining customer feedback, and to note their audience’ opinion on a topic.

There is an infinite number of variations and possibilities with using poll stickers in your Instagram stories.

Use Links 

One of the best and most useful features of Instagram stories is the option of adding external links to stories.

Earlier, links could only be attached in the bio section of a profile, but now it is available for Instagrammers to use in their stories as well.

You can add links to your products, blog post, or your online store.

Using links is very convenient for your followers as it redirects users to an internal browser on Instagram. Once done, users get transferred back to the page they left on Instagram.

Businesses can attract and get real Instagram followers through this feature of Instagram stories.

This feature also is an excellent way for attaining direct sales and increasing revenue for your business. You can make the most of this feature by adding directive call-to-action (CTA) for your audience to follow.

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Audience Preference through the Reaction Slider

The reaction slider is a somewhat similar feature of Instagram stories but caters to more sections of a business’ market research.

The reaction slider on Instagram stories is a useful tool for engagement with followers as it allows your audience to respond to the content of your stories through a sliding button.

Businesses can create an Instagram story of their product and add a reaction slider for viewers to react to their content.

Since all the interactions on Instagram stories feed back to the algorithm, it is easy for businesses to ascertain which products are more favored by customers.

Using the reaction slider in unique and creative ways is entirely up to the discretion of the business.

New Product Teasers

Many big brands and businesses use this strategy to engage with their followers and new viewers.

Sharing product teasers has now become a norm for businesses operating on Instagram.

Using this feature to your advantage can be highly beneficial as any kind of news spreads like wildfire on social media networks.

Sharing teasers in the form of pictures of video clips through Instagram stories is a great way to maintain the element of excitement among your followers and to keep your audience interested in your brand.

You can add a tease to your teaser by giving away a few hints about your newly launching product. Ne creative and use this technique to its full capacity efficiently market your business.

You can also make simple changes to boost your Instagram followers count and become more visible on the photo-sharing network.

Offers and Discounts

Providing offers and discounts to your followers is an excellent way of promoting and marketing your business to the vast audience of Instagram.

Customers are always looking for the best deals to avail and offers that can be a good value for their money.

Offers and discounts are a great way of interacting with your already acquired followers and for tapping into the other potential customer base for your business.

Announcing offers and discounts immediately grabs the attention of users and encourages your follower base to pay strict attention to your Instagram stories.

Make sure to promote these offers and discounts in a healthy and not go overboard in the process.

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Competitions and Giveaways

Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your followers, especially by organizing contests and giveaways.

This technique creates a buzz in your community. One-third of the most viewed Instagram stories are from businesses operating on the social media giant.

The advantage of doing competitions and giveaways through Instagram stories is that because of its time-limited nature, and it creates a sense of urgency among your followers.

You can share an image or a video of the prize and encourage your followers to participate in the competition. At the end of the competition, you can collect all the data from the entries made and randomly select a winner.

Make sure to use targeted hashtags like #contest, #giveaway, and #competition to target users that do not follow your business on Instagram.

Using hashtags will help in making your Instagram story more discoverable.


Instagram stories are like an addictive game, which, if used correctly, can yield you business great benefits and establish your brand’s authority on Instagram.

Try and use this laid-back and easily accessible feature to your advantage and to effectively market and promote your business on the photo-sharing network.