Instagram Influencers with Deceptive Posts on Instagram: Spot Fake Ones

Do you know brands spend billions of dollars on Instagram marketing? It is the best way of growing your business and attracting target customers by associating with an Instagram influencer.

Large and small businesses usually follow this effective way to promote their business. This has replaced traditional ads with influencer sponsorships and collaborations. You can even check it by going through your Instagram timeline. While browsing, you will see influencer promotion like fashion model showing fashion products or fitness model with a diet supplement.

But are these posts or influencers real? Is your advertisement reaching the real audience? Instagram has witnessed many deceptive posts from influencers. Growing genuine Instagram followers demands both knowledge and time. So some users adopt shortcuts or sneaky ways to improve their following and become influencers.

This makes it necessary to figure out whether you are associating with a real influencer and the one who does not fill Instagram with deceptive posts.

This article will guide you with the different ways of differentiating between real and fake posts and influencers.

How Instagram Find Fake Stories Or Posts?


According To Mediakix, $5 to $10 billion will be spent on Influencer marketing by 2020. This makes it essential for Instagram to take stern steps for finding unreal posts.

Instagram started using various tools and image recognition technology to find fraudulent information. Though Instagram can not remove the false posts, the company stops recommending these posts to the new user’s explore tab. 

Along with Instagram efforts, here are some of the tips that help you in recognizing the false posts.

Check From How Long The Instagram Influencers Account Is Active

This is one of the best ways of checking whether the Instagram account of the influencer is valid and have real followers. It takes years to buy Insta followers, and sometimes it is also the unpaid hard work of a longer duration.  

Viral successes do happen on some of the recently created accounts, but the chances are high that the account with an immediate increase in followers has unengaged or fake followers. So, the total time from which the account is active help in authenticating the account. Leaving the niche subjects aside, if the account is active from an extended period but lacks in following, it can also be because of unengaged followers. 

Must be wondering who you should trust then. Well, those users who have grown their followers and increased engagement with time are the ones whom you can consider the best or the trustable influencers.  As they have reached the heights of success with time, they can do it for your company or brand too.

Check the Patterns of Likes On the Posts


The other way of understanding whether the influencer or post is real or fake is by checking the number of and likes on the different posts. If a few months before, the user has been receiving likes in hundreds but instantly started receiving in thousands, it signifies you can be on a fake profile.

Also, check whether in this period, the followers have also grown, or they remained the same as before. If the followers have not increased during this period, then you have surely come across an account of the false influencer.

Check the Content Quality

Usually, it is the subjective content that people like or post on social media. While reading the content, if you do not find it of high quality, it would be better to move to the next account. It does not matter if the account has a significant following; the quality of the content matters the most.

Along with the number of likes as explained above, you can also see comments to confirm whether that account is growing naturally or not. If you see numerous comments on the post, it signifies positive engagement. But you need to spot whether the comments are fake or real.

Finding fake comments is also easy. If you come across comments with the only emojis, single words, or requests to follow, they can be fake ones. Such types of comments are usually the automated ones that are made by bots, or you can say internet bot. They track hashtags and leave comments on every post with that tag.

Look For Their Past Campaigns


Once you are assured the account is active from the past and also has real likes, comments on posts, and massive Instagram followers, there are few more steps.  

Before you finalize the one Instagram influencer to promote your company’s products, look for their past campaigns. Remember, these famous personalities have various posts of their previous campaigns. Go through their posts where they are promoting some products. Look for any sponsored tags; it will give you an idea about how influencers approach the paid content, and the reaction of followers to it.

Risks of Associating With Fake Instagram Influencers

  • It is vital to proceed with your influencer through an agreement to minimize the risk of wasting your budget of digital marketing.
  • Along with money, fake influencers also waste your time that goes in communicating with them and dealing with their payments and invoices. You could have earned profits at this time by working with a real or true influencer and letting your products reaching the target customers.
  • A false influencer also risks your brand, as they do not have a real fan following. Some have even gained their followers through spamming, and they tempt users to go through their profile. But consumers know well when they are spammed, and thus consumers end up making negative perception of both influencers as well as the brand they are promoting.

Real influencers can make your brand popular. But if you are in contact with a false influencer, they can even give  a bad name to your company or brand. So, take our time in finding the real and the best influencer and not the one with deceptive posts. This will minimize negative influencers risks and maximize your success.

We hope you find the authentic Instagram influencer to make your brand reach new heights!