Remodeling Instagram Bio To Attract Genuine Instagram Followers

Instagram Bio | Genuine Instagram Followers

Writing an engaging Instagram bio is as challenging as it is essential. The 150 character description is like the front page of your account that is responsible for retaining. Make it perfect, and you will get an instant click on the 'follow' button, miss it, and the genuine Instagram follower will simply pass your page.

The situation further gets trickier for a business account as this bio decides the number of leads they will get through Instagram.

Therefore, this post will focus on these business account users and provide tips for a perfect bio.

Instagram Bio Is The Key To Genuine Instagram Followers

The most important part of your account is the audience target. You have to be clear with the niche that you want to promote, the theme of your page, and the type constant you will be posting.

Once you have decides these aspects,  mold them into a small text, and use it as your description. It has to be simple, straightforward, and present a reflection of your page. Almost all the popular brands and businesses follow these tricks to enhance Instagram marketing.

Just consider the set of images below. They will provide you a better idea of a bio that you have to use.

General Electric Instagram Bio
Coca-Cola Instagram Bio

The first image of the above series is from the Instagram page of General Electric, a brand that deals with electricity generation and supplies. They state that their company works around the clock to deal with the world's most considerable problem, which is precisely what they are doing.

Similarly, the second snap is from the famous brand Cola-Cola. Their bio directly talks of sharing happiness and drink soft drinks together. It even aligns with the companies' motto "spread happiness."

Complement The Text Part With Some Relevant Emojis

Using emojis is the best way to space out your text in the bio description. You can use them to create a difference between different phrases or sections without leaving blank spaces between them. They're also useful for highlighting features of your business. For example, if you sell fashion-related products, you can use a fashion emoji.

Using emojis in bio also makes the brand look more user-friendly and emotionally relatable. It's part of the reason why you will find them in more than 50% of the total comment and caption on Instagram.

Alternatively, emojis are also good for highlighting your personality. For instance, if you are talking about the gym and fitness, you can prefer the dumbbell or running man emojis.

Here's a snapshot of the clothing brand ASOS. Have a look at their bio, and you will find multiple emojis in it. Each of these has a meaning and provides clarity about the text next to it.

ASOS Instagram Page

Considering the 7.3 m follower on ASOS’s Instagram page, it’s clear that emojis a great way to increase followers on Instagram.

Create Atleast One Instagram Story Highlight

Instagram stories are a rather new feature, but it's one of the best upgrades that can instantly enhance your bio. These stories live on the right side of your bio, just above the feeds and beneath the bio. They provide you with an opportunity to include small video clipping to present your values on the bio itself.  

The best part about the story is that you can use more than one story, and they all will play one after the other once the visitor plays them. You can use them to serve different parts of the same story or present multiple elements with them.

The below snaps are from the Instagram page of Unitedbyblue. It uses Instagram stories to highlight different types of services on their website. UnitedbyBlue Instagram Story

Next to the UnitedbyBlue page is the image from the Instagram page of supercar brand Audi.  

Audi Instagram Story Highlights

Audi has used the stories highlight to showcase the different sections of their car like the interior, posters, and more.

Encourage Users By Providing Call-To-Action Buttons

The visitors reading your profile are the perfect target audience for your business website or e-store. Therefore, try to include a clear Call-to-action button in your profile. It will be even better if you can do something to differentiate the CTA from the rest of the bio. It will create a popping effect, which in turn will increase the click possibilities. 

It is best that you place it at the end of the bio and in a separate line. You can also consider adding some emojis to create better highlighting. Another good idea will be to accompany your CTA with a discount coupon. Using some hashtags is also beneficial.

The images below will show you some examples from the Instagram page of brands that have excellent CTA placement. The first is the bio of the Instagram page of Foundr. Notice how the placement of the CTA button.

Foundr Call-To-Action Placement

Here’s another example from the clothing brand Freepeople.

 Freepeople Call-To-Action Placement

Leverage Keyword Research For Better Exposure On Instagram

Like the normal search engines, Instagram also provides an account by relating it to keywords. It means that for getting appearance and exposure, you have to leverage keywords. The best way to dot it is to include a relevant search keyword in your name field.

This name is different from your account/user name and sits at the top of your bio like a heading. Here's an example from the Instagram page of a health and beauty It will give you a better idea about keyword usage. 

Conscious Skin Keyword Placement

In this case, "Clean Beauty. Natural Skincare" are keywords. Therefore anyone who searches for clean beauty or natural skincare will see conscious .skin in their result windows.

The Final Words

Instagram bio is the landing page that has a direct effect on your lead or followers. Mastering it is the only way to attain genuine Instagram followers and the results you expect from your account.

The tricks mentioned above are some proven strategies that can help you with it. Brands like Audi and Amazon have been using these tactics for a long time, and the numbers of followers are a clear proof of their success.

So, the next time you log in or sign up on your Instagram page, do remember to check and upgrade your Instagram bio