How to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2020

YouTube has given everyone a platform to be a content creator, actor, director, or producer. 

YouTube has come a long way from being a platform for watching funny videos, to becoming one of the largest networks for businesses to market their products.

While there are ample opportunities to make it big on YouTube, it all starts with attracting and acquiring a dedicated following.

Many content creators and businesses buy YouTube subscribers to gain traction and also to boost their marketing campaign on the video-sharing network.

With more than 2 billion logged-in users every month, a visible presence on the social media giant can be a blessing for small brands and businesses.

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Here are a few tips and strategies that you can use to get more YouTube subscribers in 2020:

Create Engaging Content

When it comes to increasing your following on YouTube, the content you create will be your most excellent promoter and supporter.

Creating and uploading quality content regularly will garner your channel more engagement and help YouTube’s algorithm make your channel more visible to newer audiences.

Being consistent with your content will create a healthy and long-term relationship with viewers. This is one of the best ways to retain as well as attract new subscribers.

Keep in mind that your content, if not of good quality, can also go against your campaign. It is easy to find alternates and substitutes on YouTube, and a lack in the quality of your content can downgrade the reputation of your channel.

Optimize your Channel

 Most of the visitors on your channel are likely to check out your channel’s homepage and other details to understand what your channel is about.

Make sure to optimize your channel in a way that it answers all the essential questions that a visitor might have to understand the objective of your channel.

Create a professional and attractive looking homepage to establish a unique identity on YouTube. Users tend to lean towards channels that look and operate professionally. 

Write a descriptive piece about yourself and what your channel stands for in your ‘about us’ info column. 

You need to work and treat your YouTube channel like a professional brand to attract and gain more subscribers for your YouTube channel.

Cross-Promote on Other Social Media Networks

There are a number of social media networks on the internet, some of which even have a large user base. Cross promoting your YouTube channel and videos on other social media networks are one of the most effective ways of gaining followers.

It is possible for some of your dedicated followers of other social media platforms not to be aware of your presence on YouTube. 

To get more subscribers on YouTube, you can promote your videos on other social networks and request your followers to subscribe to your channel on YouTube.

Another advantage of cross-promoting your videos on other platforms is that this technique will fetch your videos more views as well as more subscribers for your channel.

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Buy YouTube Subscribers

One of the most convenient and time-saving methods of getting more subscribers for your channel is to buy YouTube subscribers from trusted and reputed vendors on the internet.

With more than 1 billion hours of video being watched every day, there is immense competition on YouTube. Because of the competition, it is difficult to come out with unique and quality content on a regular basis. 

Channels and content creators that buy YouTube subscribers can dedicate more of their time in creating content that will engage and attract more users to their channel, rather than worrying about applying different strategies to increase their subscriber count.

Many websites offer these services with different packages designed for different needs of a customer. 

You can also buy other services like YouTube views, comments, and likes for your YouTube videos. Make sure to read online reviews of companies that you have shortlisted to avail these services.

SEO Optimize your Videos

One of the most significant advantages of SEO optimizing your videos on YouTube is that you can rank your videos in Google searches if the proper strategies and tools are used.

You can start with optimizing your video titles and descriptions. You can use keywords that are optimized to appear in YouTube and Google searches. 

Try and use a long-tail keyword as your primary keyword to be more responsive to searches related to the topic of your video.

There are many other YouTube marketing ideas that you can use to effectively gain more subscribers for your channel on the video-sharing platform.

Optimizing your videos for SEO will give your channel more exposure and eventually lead to an increase in the subscriber count of your channel.

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Use Call-To-Action Buttons

Call-to-action buttons are an engaging feature that you can use to request or direct your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

You should make use of both verbal as well as annotation call-to-actions in your videos. If you ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, the chances are that they will.

You can also increase the views on your videos by adding ‘Cards’ and ‘End Screens’ that direct a viewer to other videos on your channel.

Call-to-actions are highly interactive and have yielded excellent results for YouTube channels in the past.

Partner with YouTube Influencers

Influencers on YouTube have a dedicated high volume follower base and have great pull in the decision making process of users on YouTube.

Partnering with influencers on YouTube can help you gain more followers on your channel. Influencers have an established audience and can help you grow your subscriber base almost in an instant.

You can connect with influencers in your niche to partner and promote each other’s content on each of your channels.

This tactic is a win-win deal for both the parties involved and will expose you to an entirely new audience that will contribute to the growth of your channel.


Video content is one of the best mediums to interact and convey your message with an audience. 

The proper application of these tips can help you gain more followers and grow your brand authority on the video-sharing platform.