Top Tips to Edit Instagram Photos Like a Pro: 6 Easy Steps

How to edit Instagram Photos


Have you ever wondered how some people post stunning photos on Instagram using a Smartphone? Well, the answer to the question is quite simple. If you know how to edit Instagram photos and you’ll be able to do the same.

When it comes to posting a beautiful photo on Instagram, it is all about the quality of the picture that matters the most. A beautifully edited photo never fails to get admired by a viewer. Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a professional photographer to do so. A Smartphone with a quality camera, fundamental insights to the Instagram editing tool, and a bit of practice are all you need to have.  

With the help of a great picture and expert editing skills, you will also be able to attract thousands of Instagram followers on your account. This post provides six easy steps on how to edit Instagram photos like an expert that attracts more followers. 

How to edit Instagram photos like a pro in 6 easy steps

Capture a Good Photo

Before you know how to edit an Instagram photo, you must capture a decent picture first. Obtaining a good photo is the work half-done to get maximum likes on your Instagram photo. You can make good quality pictures look great with the help of Instagram editing tools. It works better if you take multiple photos from different angles. It will ensure that you have various options to choose from.

You must use as much natural light as possible while shooting photos. As compare to artificial lightings, it helps greatly in enhancing the photo at the time of editing.

Note: Always ensure that the photos are not smaller in size. It should be sized as per the standard Instagram photo quality. If the picture is too small, no matter how much you edit it may look blurry. Using a1080 pixel photo is the right choice for an Instagram photo.

Select a filter that Suits the Picture

Select a suitable filter for your photo


Now, this is where it all starts and gets interesting. The first step to converting a decent looking photo into a masterpiece involves using an appropriate filter. A filter provides the ability to convey a picture in as many different ways as possible.

One of the most popular Instagram filters is Clarendon. It contributes significantly to its highlighting and brightening effects. Based on the kind of impact that you want to have for the picture, you can choose from different types of Instagram filters. 

Larks works best for landscape images while Valencia warms the colors in the photo giving it an intense vibe. Whether it’s a landscape, close-ups, or portrait pictures, you can experiment with different filters and select the one that serves best the picture.

Use Lux Settings to Adjust the Contrast of Photos

Lux settings


If you want to know how to edit Instagram photos and create an eye-catching masterpiece, lux settings can help you immensely. Lux is the Instagram setting that controls the ambiance of light. After you are done selecting a filter for your photo, you can enhance it even more with the help of lux settings. It works best in highlighting the smaller details and makes it more vibrant. It also helps in adjusting the exposure of the photo by adding dimensions and enhancing underexposed regions.

Lux setting can be used in two ways. Based on how you want a photo to look like, you can easily increase or decrease the contrast and intensity of the photo. If you want to see its amazing effect, try using the filter on a desert landscape photo.  

Enhance the Photo with Simple Editing Tools

Crop and enhance the picture


There are many ways you can portray a particular photo. It would be best if you experimented with all the options that best suits the picture. If there's anything in the photo that you want to crop or a different alignment that looks much attractive than the usual one, you can use Instagram photo editing tools to do so.

You can add a Polaroid camera effect using custom filters. It also allows you to change the contrast and sharpness of the photo. And if you are looking for vivid color saturation in your photo, you can scale it up or lower it down for a faded effect.  

For Multi-image Post, Edit Photos Separately

Even when you are done adding a filter, cropped it suitably, a lot can be done to enhance the attracting vibe of a photo. Especially when you are uploading multiple photos in a post, you can experiment with different styles of photos.

You can keep it simple with the same effects on all the pictures. But if you want to get a meaningful undertone from your posts, editing photos separately is a great option. In the end, it depends on the kind of creative effect that you want to have for a particular photo.

The fact that when you use multiple styles and effects on various photos of a post, a viewer tends to look at your photos for longer than usual. The longer the time spent by the viewer on your post, the better the chances of him/her liking it and sharing it with other people. It increases your chances of gaining some new Instagram followers.     

Either Post Now or Save for Later

There are two ways you can post your Instagram posts. Either you can post it immediately, or you can keep it to post later.

If you choose to do it immediately, you can add a caption, a Geotag, and the people to whom you want to share it with and click on share.

But if you want to post it later, all you need to do is click on the left arrow symbol, and it will ask if you want to discard the changes that you have made or 'save draft.' Click on 'save drafts,' and the next time when you want to upload the photos, you won't need to start from scratch.


Today, Instagram is counted among the best social media platforms. Although you can post videos on your Instagram account, it is widely known for posting photos. With over 200 million people visiting one profile per day, your posts must look catchy and attractive, especially when you are using it for personal branding.

Whether you are using Instagram for personal use or brand marketing, it is essential to know how to edit Instagram photos to get maximum engagement and followers on your account. All you need to have is a decent practice and a basic knowledge about photo editing on Instagram.