7 Best Tips To Get Free YouTube Subscribers For Your Channel

free youtube subscribers


YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform on the Internet. People and brands all over the world use it. If you want your channel to do well, your content and videos should be good so that you get the right amount of subscribers.

People almost watch 5 billion videos on YouTube daily, and if you take the right steps, you will get a good following on your channel. There are countless ways to get free youtube subscribers and increase your reachability. The more views you get on your content, the more rewards and benefit you get. Let us know about the seven best tips to boost your subscribers.

Upload high-quality Content Regularly 

If you or your content seems boring, you will not be getting subscribers. People want to get entertained, so you need to regularly post visual content about different topics that make them want to come back for more. Don’t go weeks or months without uploading anything on your channel.

If you remain inactive, people may unsubscribe you. You need to keep the good videos flowing so that you build a long-lasting and interested audience. Analyze what kind of videos your subscribers like and try to make more content like that to please the viewers. No one will subscribe to you if they feel that you don’t post regularly.

Also, it is crucial to know about the best times to post on social media platforms to get better engagement rates.

Interact with your Audience in the Comments

youtube comments


The YouTube comments section is usually filled with reactions from the viewers. An excellent way to make a friendly relationship with your subscribers is to interact and respond to them. You can reply to their comments and ask them if they liked the video or not.

You can even request them to subscribe to your page and like and share your content. Your viewers will also like to get in touch with you, and you can build a healthy relationship with them. Ask them about what all will they like and what they won’t so that you can create content that pleases your subscribers.

Promote your Channel on other Platforms

The best way to advertise your YouTube channel and content is by using other social media platforms as much as possible. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. are widely used all over the world by more than a billion people. Talk about your page and upload snippets and photos there.

Your youtube followers will follow you over there, and you can even attract many more subscribers. Moreover, people can see your previews and teaser videos on other platforms and get hyped about your videos. Most of the successful brands and channels use almost every major social media platform, and you should also try it out.

Research Trending Keywords to Title your Videos

It is one of the most important things to consider when you are uploading anything on YouTube. Search for keywords related to your content that people are already searching for on YouTube. It will increase the number of YouTube viewers for your videos. 

There are a variety of SEO tools available that will update you about the most-used and trending keywords related to a specific topic. There is no need to make videos about things no one is searching for or interested in. The title of your video attracts viewers, so make sure you use relevant and proper keywords while naming your video.

Try to get free YouTube subscribers instantly

If your channel is new and you are having difficulty in growing your reach and viewers, there are many ways on the Internet to buy some youtube views and subscribers. So at the beginning of your YouTube journey, you can contact some websites which provide you with such services.

For a certain amount of money, these services will give you some real followers, and you can work on it to expand your reach. Although you should let your content speak for your channel but sometimes buying viewers will give you a much-needed starting point. So you can contact a reliable service to help you with this issue.

Organize contests and giveaways

youtube giveaways


You should try your best to keep your viewers interested and dedicated to watching your content and viewing your channel. A great way to do it is by hosting contests and giveaways. Ask your viewers to drop a like, subscribe to your channel, and turn on notifications to enter the contest. Make them tag their friends on your videos and share your page.

Then make a list of all the people who followed your steps and randomly choose one lucky winner out of them. Send a small and catchy gift to them as a reward for winning. You can even celebrate your subscriber milestones and organize a giveaway to celebrate the same. All these things increase your popularity and draw people to your page. It is one of the best ways to get free YouTube subscribers for your channel.

Emphasis on Trending Topics but also use Evergreen Content

You can research what all is going on in the world. It can be about anything ranging from sports, politics, movies, religion, or any other current events. People are sure to express more interest in such topics, and it will get you free YouTube subscribers at a fast rate. You can share opinions or other opinions regarding these topics.

However, it is also essential to regularly post videos and other stuff on evergreen topics. People generally have a liking towards some specific information, and uploading content based on it will further improve your dealings with your subscribers.


As you know, YouTube is beneficial to gain popularity and share your work and videos with the world. If you get a lot of subscribers and views, you will also start earning money, and other people and the channel will want to partner with you.

Read the above tips carefully and make sure to implement these to gain an edge over other channels and build your way to the top of the charts. Moreover, you can collaborate with other channels or hire influencers to promote your brand and content. So make the right choices, follow optimum methods, and get free youtube subscribers to boost your image online.