Create Perfect Facebook Cover Photos: 9 Best Practices That Work!

Facebook Cover Photos


A Facebook cover photo is the first thing your audience sees when they visit your Facebook page. It’s your profile’s headline, an image that introduces your business or brand to potential followers. A good cover photo increases the engagement rates and drives more traffic to your website.

So, it’s like a valuable real estate on your Facebook page!

As the first impressions can either make or break the audience’s perception of your page, it’s crucial to put some time and effort into creating Facebook cover photos. 

Here is how to make perfect Facebook cover images and get the most out of them-

Make Incredible Facebook Cover Photos For Your Page

Before designing your cover photo, get clear on your purpose. Businesses use their cover images to enhance their marketing strategies, such as:

  • Spreading information about the brand.
  • Introducing products and services
  • Showcasing customer reviews
  • Providing social proof, etc.

Once you know your goals for creating a cover page, it will be easy for you to design it. 

Know The Specs For Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook Cover Photo Size


The first thing to keep in mind while making a cover photo is ‘size.’ The minimum size for a Facebook cover photo is 851 x 315 pixels. It’s the best size to choose if you want to know how the image will look after uploading. 

Go for the type of images that load quickly and don’t consume a lot of data. For this, Facebook recommends using sRGB and JPEG file formats that are 100kb. 

Though 95% of the users access the Facebook website via mobile, you shouldn’t ignore those who use a desktop to access the site. An image that is 820 x 462 pixels will work well for any screen.

Choose The Right Image

Your image can create a lasting impression on the users and decides how the users feel about your brand. To find an ideal image for your Facebook page-

  • Pick a high-resolution, high-quality photo.
  • Even if the image appears small on the screen, it should be readable.
  • Select the image that tells the audience what your brand is all about.
  • Focus on making an emotional connection with the image.
  • While editing the image, make sure that the vital parts aren’t absent.

Besides these technical requirements, you have to follow some rules for the kind of content you display-

  • If you are advertising a product using your cover photo, make sure not to break any of Facebook’s advertising rules.
  • Keep a check on the users’ copyright.
  • Your cover photo should be safe-for-work. 

Use Your Branding In The Cover Photo

Facebook cover photos need to be consistent with the overall branding. Use the same imagery style, color, and mark you’ll use in all other communications. The cover photo should have a consistent look so that when it pops up as a change in users’ feed or Facebook page, there’s no doubt that it belongs to you.

You can also use the logo of your business to help the audience identify your brand easier. It is an effective branding strategy to make your brand stand out of the competitors and get famous across the social media platforms.

Pair The Facebook Cover Photo With Profile Picture

A cover photo that matches with your Facebook profile picture looks professional. It’s a good way to add creativity to your Facebook page. If your cover photo and profile image complement each other and work together well, it will grab the users’ attention and may compel them to scroll through your page.

Keep The Image Simple And Text To A Minimum

Don’t over-design your Facebook cover photo. Find a good picture, crop it to the specifications, post, and you are done! Another tricky element you have to deal with while creating a Facebook cover photo is text. 

Stick to something short and easy to understand. Don’t clutter a great photo with words just because you want to have them there. Even if you are going to add the text elements, keep the usability and purpose in mind.

Mention The Updates Below Your Cover Photo

The Facebook cover photos are no different from the headlines that get the audience to read the content below. Pin the important information to the top of your page. When the audience is drawn by your cover photo, they’ll get the most relevant updates. 

Make Your Cover Photo Sharable

Facebook hashtags


Choose images and elements that will make the users want to share your cover photo. For this:

  • Look for a picture that has plenty of emotions and relates to your audience.
  • Include a small text or relevant Facebook hashtags to inspire action.
  • Bright color options can work well to establish a visual connection.

You Can Start With A Template

If you still aren’t sure about getting every element of your cover photo in order, you can use a template. For this, you have to Sign Up for an account first. A good thing about using Facebook templates is that you don’t have to worry about editing or resizing. 

Update Your Cover Photo Regularly

The Facebook cover photo is a great place to intimate the users what’s new in your brand, business, or company. Whether you are promoting a new service or using a current event that relates to your brand, update the space with fresh, valuable content. 

You can consider updating the photo seasonally, or each time you offer a new product. It will make your profile look fresh, help to draw the users towards your page, and get real Facebook likes for your posts.

How To Upload Facebook Cover Photos?

Now that you’ve finished making your cover photo, you are all set to upload it.

  • Go to your Facebook Business page and point to the cover photo space.
  • Click on ‘Add a cover’ on the top left side.
  • Click ‘Upload Photo’ and choose the photo you want to upload.
  • A preview of the photo will appear. Click and drag it up or down to the set the orientation you like.
  • Click ‘Publish,’ and it’s done!

Whenever you upload a cover photo, your followers will get a notification in their feed. Take time to make changes and update them with a purpose. 

Use the Facebook insights feature to see who follows your page. And, tailor a cover photo that speaks directly about their interests, as well as reflects your brand’s personality.