A Beginner’s Guide to Using Facebook Audience Insights for Better Targeting

facebook audience insights


Are you a beginner struggling with Facebook advertising? Do you want to make your social media ad campaign more effective? If yes, Facebook Audience Insights is a powerful analytical tool at your disposal.

Not to mention, Facebook is a great channel to interact with the audience and connect your brand directly to the customers. But, how to know if you are targeting the right users? Facebook Audience Insights can help you!

To help you double your advertising results, here, we’ll discuss how to use Facebook Audience Insights. First, let’s know what it is exactly!

About Facebook Audience Insights

Accessed through the Facebook Ads Manager, Audience Insights is a tool to understand your audience better. It provides a huge amount of data about the demographics and behavior of your audience, as well as competitors. 

If you are running multiple advertisement accounts, Facebook Business Manager helps you manage and organize the pages them well.

This data comes from two sources:

  • Users

When users fill their profile details, including age, gender, liking, education, job role, etc. it‘s known as self-reported Facebook data. You can gather the information from their profile and find if they can be your target audience.

  • Third-Party Partners

Also known as Off-Page Facebook data, third party data includes information such as purchasing behavior of the users, household income, etc. It is available to the advertisers through external companies that match the gathered data to the Facebook user IDs.

This data gives insightful, competitive research and helps you create an effective Facebook advertising strategy. You can use Facebook Business Manager to manage and organize the pages and advertising accounts well. 

Now, let’s know how to access this data using Audience Insights-

6 Steps To Use Facebook Audience Insights 

Facebook Audience Insights is a useful function within the Ad Manager. To find it, click the drop-down menu in the ‘Tools.’ This tool allows you to divide your audience into sections based on demographic details and preferences. 

Let’s get started!

Choose Your Audience

As you open the Audience Insights, you need to select the audience first. You’ll be given options to choose from:

Everyone On Facebook

    It provides an overview of all the users on the platform. If you want to access data based on broad interest, you can select this option.

    People Connected To Your Page

      This option directs you to select the audience who likes your Facebook page. It helps you to gather data about your existing fans so that you can create better content for them.

      A Custom Audience

        If you have a good amount of customer data, this option can be quite useful to dig deep into their interests. To create a custom audience, you have to upload the email addresses of the audience. Facebook will match these addresses with user accounts.

        Build Demographics For Your Target Audience

        The next step is to set a target audience demographic. Choose the ‘Demographics’ tab. As you move down the left side of the page, you’ll see numerous demographics you have to set. Let’s look at each demographic-


          Explore the options. Choose the country, city, or region where your business has been set up. If you are building your brand across the web, you can include as many countries worldwide. 

          Age, Gender

            Choose the age range that matches your research and audience personas. The same tip works for selecting the gender. If you aren’t sure about the demographics, you can leave the space blank. You can fill them after gaining some insights.


              You’ll see a lot of options for this demographic, including entertainment, relationships, technology, etc. You can scroll the options or type yourself. Fill different options and see what happens to the graph as you change, refine, and repeat. 


                This option allows you to see even more precise details about the demographic you’ve chosen. It includes relationship status, education level, job title, lifestyle, etc. The more details you add to the demographics, the smaller your audience becomes! Further, it helps you to create a more focused ad and get more Facebook views

                Find Out What Your Audience Likes

                Now that you’ve specified the demographics of your target audience, it’s time to discover what they like. For this, click the ‘Page Likes’ tab. This tab is split into two sections:

                Top Categories

                  This section outlines the top categories of the pages that your audience likes, along with the top pages within those particular categories. Having this insight helps you to estimate less and score more with the targeted audience. 

                  Page Likes

                    facebook page likes


                    The second section gets you through the specific pages your audience is more likely to love. These pages are the most relevant to your audience.

                    Click through these pages. Investigate and note what other businesses are doing differently. Study and refine their ideas to use for your own brand.

                    Make a list of the pages, click the ‘demographics’ tab, type the page name in the ‘interests’ field, and view the changes in the chart. 

                    Learn About The Location And Language Details Of The Audience

                    Click the ‘Locations’ tab and each of the sub-tabs. It will give you details about the top languages, top countries, or top cities where your target audience resides. 

                    If you run an online business, this step can help you to decide where to sell your products, and what language to focus on. 

                    Get Details About The Device And Activities

                    Click the ‘Activity’ tab and view ‘Frequency of Activities’ to know how your audience interacts with the Facebook pages. The same steps work in the Device Users Panel to know what primary devices they are using. 

                    Create An Ad For Your Audience

                    create facebook ad


                    Now that you’ve gathered enough information about your target audience from Facebook Audience Insights, you are all set to create an ad. 

                    Open the saved audience and click the ‘Create Ad’ button. Use whatever you’ve learned to make sure that your ads resonate with the audience and provide them what they are looking for.

                    Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other channel for marketing, insert relevant hashtags is the key to success for your business. So, make smart use of social media hashtags and ace your marketing strategy.

                    Wrapping Up

                    Audience Insights is a great Facebook tool to know your audience better. It gives valuable data, enabling you to get to know about the unique interests you didn’t even know existed. It helps you to test and narrow the audience to perfection. Further, smaller is the audience; better are the chances of you hitting the target!