Creative Posting Tricks To Gain Instagram Followers

What is the success secret of an Instagram account? Is it the brand associated with the Instagram account, the investment, or the promotion strategies?  Moreover, is there a way to gain Instagram followers on a new page?

Well, the answer to all these questions is, it all depends on Instagram post.  The posts will decide how many users are going to follow you and how much popularity you will gain on Instagram. If the posts on a page are engaging, they will get instant likes, even on a new account.

So, this post will present you different tricks that you can use to make your post upto the marks. Have a look:

Know Your Audience’s Preferences

The task of creating quality starts with a simple question "what your audience wants to see?"

Analyze the recent activities of Instagram, participate in Instagram discussions, follows some popular Instagram pages. It will deliver a rough idea of the latest trends in the digital world and what the users prefer. It's essential to ensure that your content looks up-to-date and appealing.

For instance, there was once a time when the pictures were the best social media material, but then came graphics overtook them. Presently, videos are leading them both.

In short, consumers will have different perspectives, one that will keep on changing. So, if you want to gain Instagram followers and likes, you have to follow their demands.

The Instagram parent company is doing quite well in this aspect. They know that their audience spread across the globe and share only one common factor, emotions. So, they use posts that appear unique, cute, and can hit the viewer's emotions. Have a look:

Instagram Post
Instagram post
Instagram post

Use Tag To Gain Instagram Followers

Instagram is a vast community, with over 1 billion active users. With such a number, you can expect a lot of potential users. However, it doesn't mean that every user that views your post is a potential or the posts are reaching the right users.

Therefore, Instagram has provided tagging options. The tags are like the classification system of Instagram that ensures proper targeting of the content. They help you to connect your post to a specific element, location, or event and then create communities according to it. 

Have a look at these images. The first one shows a community formed under a hashtag, #love. The second one is the community built under a geotag of London.

Geo Tagging

Instagram also has two other tags for attaching an account toy your post. One of them allows you to tag account during posting while the other connect account through the commenting section. Now, the account labeled during posting will send a notification to the user, but will not appear in the post.

As for comment section tagging, here you write “@username," and the account gets tagged to the comment.

Here’s an example of comment section account tagging.

Tagging Account

The tag groups are beneficial because all the users in it share your interest. So, they are likely to view and like your post. They will improve your appearance and attract the right kind of traffic to your page.

Make Your Post Standout

With the rising trend of social media, users are becoming selective. They expect the account to post something different and exclusive. This aspect is a bit complicated than other strategies as it involves some background works, but it's very effective. Moreover, this part depends on your creativity and thinking; there is no trick for it. 

You analyze the nature of your work, select the theme, and then select the content that matches it. Once you have, it figured, come up with ways to add a personal and innovative touch to it.

The following is some innovative content that can use it as a reference for your posts.

Coca cola Instagram
Coca Cola Posts

Coca-cola has used Netflix series, Avenger, Black Panther, and a lot of other popular series of movies as the base theme of their content. Further, its brand has not stayed on with themed post; they have also posted vectors, videos, and collages. All these posts are not only appealing, but no other account on Instagram have something like them. They are totally exotic.

However, one thing that you will notice in this brand is its posts align with the product's base value. The posts never divert from their central theme, color scheme, and type of post.

Focus On Pixels And Lights

Nothing turns down a viewer more than a blurry picture. The users not only leave the account immediately, but even spread a negative word about it. The poor quality picture is also one of the factors than rank down an account's ranking on Instagram search.

Therefore, never post low-quality content. In case you have an old picture or something like that, make sure to delete it as soon as possible.

Now, no one is telling you to buy an expensive photography kit but at least invest in a quality smartphone. Combined with proper lighting, they can easily offer the quality you need. You can even depend on some post-processing for this work.

The following pictures are shot through a standard smartphone camera. Have a look at their quality; they are crisp, clear, and don't have any unwanted blurriness.

iPhone Photograph
Nokia HDM Photgraphy

Human Touch Is A Must

The viewers are more inclined to picture that they can relate to life. They prefer posts that have a human touch in them and are more likely to follow accounts that include them. Even the large brands like Adidas, Nike, Orea, and more follow this Instagram trick.

However, one thing that most new users don’t know is that you don’t need a whole human to add this element. Just a glimpse of humanity or even a representation of it is enough to leave the impressions. Here's a post to clear out some things.

Gucci Shoes

This picture shows a shoe, but as soon as you see it, you get a lively feeling from it.

Here's another example from Clothing brand Prada.

Prada Dress

The picture shows women dress without an actual woman in it, but it still looks alive. Moreover, it looks very innovative and appealing.

Something like this innovative human touch can easily uplift your post’s value on Instagram. Therefore, you should use them.  

The Final Words

Instagram posts are the soul of an account. They are the parts of the page that present your value, your thinking, and help to attract viewers.

Therefore, follow the above tips and get the results that you expect from your account. Master these tricks, and you will never have to struggle with views, followers or like, ever again.