Buy Real Instagram Followers to Enhance Your Instagram Marketing

Did you know that Instagram acquires over 1 billion daily users and 500m daily stories? The number is high enough to make a difference in the success rates of any businesses. No wonder, every new and old marketer is preferring to buy real Instagram followers and introduce Insta in their marketing campaigns.

But, how does buying followers influence the success rate of your Instagram marketing campaigns? Moreover, will these followers take care of the whole campaign or do you need to apply some other tricks too?

Well, here’s a guide for all these questions. Have a look

Why Buy Real Instagram Followers?

Buying followers and likes is not a new concept; marketers have been using this process over almost every social media platform for years. They prefer this process because it is a proven technique to build the right base of your account.

The followers that you buy create an impression that your account already has supporters and is trustable for following. They increase your appearance over the search and also enhance your referral rates.  These followers also add authenticity to your account that makes it more appealing for the viewers. 

In simple words, they create a humanistic environment that influences the viewer's decision and encourage them to click on the ‘follow' button.

Other Instagram Marketing Campaigns Tricks

Getting some real Instagram followers will enhance the credibility of your account and attract consumers. However, they cannot ensure the retention of these consumers; this part is upon your content. The followers will stay on your account only if they find it interesting and useful for them.

Here’s a list of tricks that you can try for this aspect.

Post Teasers

Creating curiosity is the best way to promote your product and services.  Develop some first images or clipping of your upcoming product and post it on Instagram. The viewers who come across this teaser will have the erg to know the complete detail about the products. So they will most probably follow your channel to get updates and also click on your URL link to know more. In both cases, you will have the chance to create an impression and convert the interested viewer into an active follower.

The following post is from the famous shoe brand, Adidas. It presents elegant looking shoes, but there is no other detail than that. In a way, they tell the consumer about their product without insisting the person to buy it. It's this non-pushy promotion that set them apart from other similar business and helps them to capture consumers.

You can also use Instagram Stories to boost your brand and post teasers of products to create a feeling of excitement in your followers.

Adidas Insta


Collect User Content

User-generated content is the gem of social media marketing worlds. It's the aspect that has less work and excellent outcomes. More than 85% of users prefer user content more than professionally designed images.

The best part is that this influential content does not need much work at your ends. The users themselves will take care of the photo quality, light, poses, and other things. All you have to do is to select the most suitable post and share them on your account.

You can refer to GoPro’s Instagram page for reference. A significant portion of their post is user generated.

Go Pro Instagram


Create Hashtags

If you are looking forward to creating an Instagram community and use user-generated data, hashtags are a must. They are an excellent way to promote brand awareness because the hashtags will appear to everyone connected to your followers.

Almost every Instagram business uses a unique hashtag for their account. For instance, Adobe uses #photshop, #illustrator, and a lot of other unique hashtags for their brands.

Here’s an image from Adobes’s page. All the post that appears here are random Instagram account but appears on the adobe page only due to its hashtags.

Adobe Instagram


Have a look at Adidas user community formed under the #adidas. It has over 50,584,624 posts.

Adidas Community Instagram


#adidas isn’t the only tag that Adidas uses. There are many other tags that ensure the ranking of this brand on the search menu.

Adidas Hashtag


Therefore, look for some simple words and phrases that match with your business and create some simple hashtags.

Develop Ads That Don’t Look Like Ads

Consumers get judgmental and avoid brands that try to push them for a purchase. They don't want you to push them for a deal. Therefore, the ads that show a product never gets much attention. You have to switch to something more appealing, less pushy, and can relate to emotions.

These are some snaps from Starbucks Instagram page. Have a look at the nature of this content. Each of the posts is non-promotion and has a human touch. This approach is what makes them attractive and irresistible for the consumers.

Starbucks Instagram


Starbucks Insta


Here's another example from ASOS. The brand provides clothing, but their Instagram page doesn't include any direct promotion of their products. They focus on new fashion trends and informate them about these trends.

Asos Insta


Analyze And Upgrade

To create a strong campaign, you need to stay aligned with your brand value and consistent with the post. However, the page will still need some upgrades over time. For instance, you will have to introduce new hashtags, change your post style, regulate posting times and a lot of other things.

Even the famous brands have to change them regularly. Here’s an example from the Instagram page of food delivery service, postmates.

Postmates Instagram


You can see they have switched to three different styles of posts, the themed picture posts, quoted post, and vector post.

Therefore, you need analytics to find the required changes. You can use the tools to find the types of post that work well for you, the tags that are trending and the kind of content that consumers prefer to see. Advanced research about the policies of your competitors can also come in handy.

The studies are also essential to keep a check for the return of investments and regulate your spending for Instagram marketing.

The Final Words

Instagram is a platform that combines the power of images, videos, graphics, and all other visuals to create a perfect campaign for marketing. The platform can single handily bring customers, educate them about your product, promote your services, and even help to know the consumer views about your brand.

However, for all these benefits, you will have to established trust, value, and visibility of your account.

So, buy some followers and get started with this extremely good marketing platform. No matter how much big or small business you have, Instagram will provide the best resources to ensure its growth in the competitive market.