6 YouTube Marketing Myths

Video making and marketing is a powerful tool for attracting viewers and customers on YouTube. For many, the fear of the unknown is one of the biggest hindrances in creating content on the video-sharing platform that YouTube is.

Creating video-based content for YouTube is expensive, time-consuming, confusing, etc. This statement would have held as the truth if we were still living in 2017.

A report suggests that about 31% of businesses and professionals have not used YouTube as their video marketing strategy. The reason for this is that they fall for the YouTube marketing myths.

YouTube is one of the most potent forces in the media landscape today. YouTube receives a whopping 1.9 billion monthly active users, which is more than enough to serve the viewership needs of every video on YouTube.

Sadly though, due to the myths and misconceptions surrounding the video-sharing platform, many users refrain from creating content or even trying YouTube for marketing their brands.

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Let's talk about a few YouTube marketing and how to overcome them:

The Count of Views is the Only Metric that Matters

Many brands, businesses, and channels blindly believe that the number of views a video has on YouTube is the only way to ascertain the success or failure of a campaign. Well, this is only partially true.

While having a good number of views on a video does market the content in itself, that is not the only way to know the demographics of its reach. A more in-depth look has to be given to this process.

The actions that your campaign is driving is more important like- are people sitting through the end of the video, are people visiting your website, watching more content on your channel, searching for you on other platforms, etc.

Many influencers even buy YouTube views to kick-start their campaign and spend most of their time not worrying about the viewer count on their videos, but on creating engaging content.

YouTube Videos are Expensive to Produce

This is one of the biggest misconceptions in YouTube marketing space. Before even beginning creating content for YouTube, many creators think that the cost of producing content for YouTube is higher than the ROI it gives.

Many content creators indeed spend millions on the production of their videos, but you don't need to play the same game. Today, viewers appreciate original and authentic content over the production value of a video.

This is the reason why we are seeing a booming market for influencers creating authentic yet low costing production videos.

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Production Value is Greater than the Content

Content is important; let's make that clear. Content is one of the few most crucial factors that determine the life of a video on YouTube.

The number of videos on the internet is increasing at a fast pace. You have to make sure to create content unique and creative enough to survive the hustle and bustle of the world around it.

Many YouTubers spend a lot of money in producing great looking videos which are no doubt a treat to the eye but do not create engaging content to keep the audience entertained.  

At the same time, many YouTubers buy YouTube views for their videos thus eliminating the stress of gaining views for their videos and spend their time in creating engaging content that will keep views interested and coming back for more.

The importance of creating good content for a campaign needs to be significantly understood. Making attractive videos in itself will not help in creating a higher follower base.

A production crew is needed to make marketable content

While this was true in 2010, technology has advanced to a level in 2019 that we no longer need a crew or other production materials used on a film set to create content to market on YouTube.

Many gadgets and tools have entered the market that makes a content creator self-dependent and self-sufficient.

Selfie-sticks, front-facing cameras, portable mics, etc. are a few of the examples that make creating content for YouTube effortless.

One of the most followed YouTubers' PewDiePie' creates, manages, edits, and controls all his content single-handedly.

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Viral Videos are Everything

It goes without saying that there could not be a better marketing tool than your video going viral. That being said, everything about a video must not be aimed at making it go viral.

It is essential to understand that every video on YouTube is created with an aim to target a specific audience. It is fortunate for your video to go viral if it does, that does not mean it is unfortunate if it doesn't.

Creating content for your dedicated follower base is more important than aiming at creating random viral videos. Most of your videos are viewed by a specific audience in your niche and aiming otherwise can lose you both.

Many content creators of viral videos buy YouTube views to give their videos initial leverage, which is then later picked up by YouTube's video engagement algorithm. This results in making your video visible to viewers outside your niche and thus becoming a viral video.

Keeping in touch with the latest YouTube trends is also a great source of creating content for your viewers that keep them entertained and engaged.

YouTube Marketing is for the Tech-Savvy

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding marketing videos on YouTube is that it is for only the technologically inspired and informed.

This notion is entirely wrong when it comes to YouTube. Sure, if you insist on using top of the line equipment and tech, you'll need to know some things about it. Otherwise, this is nothing more than a myth.

Simply put, do not let a lack of technical know-how hinder you from using YouTube as a marketing platform.


The myths and misconceptions surrounding YouTube marketing is nothing more than an attempt to stop you from creating more competition.

Get started. Address to the camera everything you have to say.

Grab the video-making equipment available to you and throw the myths stopping you into the trash.