6 Great YouTube Marketing Ideas

YouTube has come up as a gift for brands, businesses, content creators, and influencers in 2019. Video content is the new king of content marketing, and YouTube is the home for businesses to market and promote their products.

With more than 1.9 billion logged-in users every month, YouTube is termed as the second largest search engine for a reason.  

52% of marketing professionals in the world consider video marketing the best ROI content. YouTube has ample potential to serve the needs of every business or brand if the right approach to marketing on YouTube is considered.

YouTube Marketing


With the massive user base that YouTube has, it is obvious to have strict competition as well. According to statistics, approximately 30,000 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube each hour.  

A few strategies and tactics can be put in place to efficiently market and promote on YouTube. Let’s discuss a few of them:

Make Attention-Grabbing Titles  

Creating good content and uploading it on YouTube will be futile if you do not give your video an attractive and appealing title. Your work will be useless if no click clicks on your video to watch it.

Many YouTube channels buy YouTube subscribers for their videos which gives them a head-start on the video-sharing platform, while some use the traditional time-consuming ways of getting subscribers and views.  

Here are a few tips on creating the best titles for your videos:

  • Use the Right Keywords: Using the right keywords in your videos lets the Google algorithm know what your video is about. Along with that, keywords let your viewers know what they can expect from the video.
  • Keep the Title to your Video Short: The appropriate and ideal length of your title should be about 50-60 characters.
  • Keep your Title Descriptive and Self-Explanatory: Your viewers should instantly know what your video is about and not strain to understand the core content of your video.

You must understand the core content of your video and come up with a short and descriptive title that will answer all the questions of the viewer before getting into your video.

Call-To-Action Buttons

A call-to-action button creates more engagement for your videos and makes your videos look more dynamic. This feature is used to drive your viewers to subscribe or like your videos.

Call-to-action buttons can act as a catalyst to your subscriber count as long as you smartly use them. Be sure that if done in excess, this can be irritating to the viewer, so use them in a way that it yields maximum output for your channel.

Many content creators on the video-sharing platform buy YouTube subscribers for the initial stages of their channel. This gives them a boost and makes their videos more visible and discoverable to the general audience on YouTube.

Be clear and concise with your call-to-action buttons on your videos, and they will surely meet your goals of increasing the likes and subscribers on your videos.

Partner with Other YouTubers

YouTube is mostly dominated by a unique and new form of celebrity called the YouTuber. Many channels on YouTube have followers in the millions and are growing daily.

Reaching out and collaborating with a YouTuber in your niche will instantly boost your channel’s statistics. This is an extremely effective way of attracting an entirely new audience and is a win-win situation for both the parties involved in the deal.

The cross exposure attained through such collaborations is both organic and lucrative.

It is a good idea to keep up with the latest YouTube influencer marketing trends to create new and engaging content for your viewers.

YouTube Marketing Ideas


Create Unique and Engaging Content Consistently

The level of competition on YouTube is sky-high, and users easily find substitutes for anything if it does not interest them.

Your content will always be your biggest marketer and promoter. Put in a lot of thought and work into the content you create for YouTube to keep your viewers interested and engaged in your channel.

Making content is one thing, but creating something new and engaging every time will surely keep your followers hooked on to your channel for your content.

Also, consistency does not only mean to upload videos regularly. The quality of your videos will also determine your growth on the video-sharing network.

To gain an edge over other new channels, many influencers Buy YouTube subscribers

 to have an already established following. This enables the content creator to have enough time to create good content and not worry about their growth on YouTube.  

Cross-Promote on Other Social Media Networks

 A majority of the world population uses either one form of social media or another. He strategy of cross-promotion is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of gathering a following for YouTube.

As a modern content creator and marketer, it is essential to share and be active on other social media platforms to maintain maximum engagement with a potential customer base on all platforms.

Every social media network has its own culture, and it is up to you to understand and find an effective way to promote your videos and content on these channels.

Sharing your content on different platforms is fundamental for the growth and reach of your channel and videos.

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Use Picture Perfect Thumbnails

A thumbnail is the short representation of the content of your video. The thumbnail you use on your video can work wonders for you but also go sideways if not used correctly.

A compelling thumbnail persuades a viewer to click on your video right away and make your channel more unique and recognizable to viewers.  

Try including one-word catchy phrases and relevant images to your video’s thumbnail to help viewers understand what the content of your video is about.

The most effective practice is to try and catch people’s interest by telling a short story through your thumbnail.


If done well, your title, thumbnail, description, and the content will be the most prominent promoters and marketers of your content on YouTube.    

With the proper application of these tactics and strategies, you can gain a boost in the growth and performance of your videos and channel as a whole.