5 YouTube Trends in 2020 for Influencer Marketing

In 2018, the number of YouTube channels earning over six figures per year grew more than 40% since the previous year.

YouTube started on the 14th of February as a simple video-sharing platform where people either shared funny videos of their pets or scary videos of things they encountered.

Since then, YouTube has come a long way to become one of the most significant influencer markets in the world. For any reason, if you are not aware of the phenomenon that influencer marketing is, we will get you all caught up.

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A number of trends have taken YouTube by storm, and the video-sharing platform is flooded with videos of influencers making videos of all such trends.

Let’s take a look of some of the latest and most followed influencer marketing Youtube trends in 2020:

Live Streaming

Live streaming has become such a followed trend in 2020 that almost everyone is following it. This is an easy way to reach out to your audience and subscribers in real-time.

There are a variety of things that can be done with live streaming to make it fun and engaging for everyone that’s watching. Events happening in real-time is intriguing to viewers, and they rush to watch the happenings in real-time.

YouTubers usually conduct Q&A sessions with their viewers answering questions that their viewers have for them. This is a fantastic way of connecting with the people that follow you on your channel. Live streaming of games is also trending as hot cakes sell.

People love watching gamers live streaming while they play games. Live streaming keeps up the interest in the games because the player usually interacts and replies to comments in real-time.

Live streaming has so far been one of the best and most followed YouTube trends for the past few years.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are exactly what they sound like. Another highly followed trend on YouTube; in these videos, the content creator is seen unpacking a series of boxes for their viewers to see.

These kinds of videos are trendy among children and those that follow technology trends. A lot of unboxing videos on Youtube have racked up millions of views and even more subscribers for the channels posting such videos.

To grow their following and get noticed, many YouTubers also buy YouTube Views. This helps them get a head-start and get seen sooner. 

There are many ways and processes for how you can buy YouTube views for your videos.

Influencers that have a vast following are usually approached by companies to make unboxing videos of their products in exchange for co-marketing or monetary remuneration.

Unboxing videos are a good start for beginners as they do not require much detail and are easy to make.

Haul Videos

Haul videos have been a trend for some time now. Haul videos are usually recordings of a YouTuber discussing items that they recently purchased.

These videos are about the YouTuber explaining the details of the products bought and the experience they had with those products. There are even different types of haul videos that YouTubers shoot for their viewers.

Influencers sometimes document their shopping trips and act as guides for their viewers, showing them places or malls they visit.

Haul Videos


How-to Tutorials            

Have you ever started to type in a ‘How to’ question on Google, and even before you finished, Google would suggest links as well as videos for your query. The videos Google suggests for your questions are how-to videos.

Many users explain how they would be more diverted towards a video as it explains and answers our query visually. According to Google, almost 67% of individuals claim that they can find a YouTube video on any topic.

People have been uploading how-to videos on YouTube for years now, and it is still prominent to this day. How-to videos are always a trend because they instantly give solutions to issues and explain how not to face them again.

How-to tutorials are the right way of gathering a viewership and subscriber base. These kinds of videos are easy to make if you are fluent in the topic chosen by you. People are always looking for different ways to do things, and any new procedures for doing things are always welcomed.

Technology Related Channels

In the 21st century, all that everyone cares about is technology. The viewer base for technology-related videos is as broad as the open sky, if not more. There are almost a million YouTube channels whose names start with the word ‘technical.’

Some YouTube channels buy YouTube views from companies that offer such services to those looking to give their channels a boost.

Technology related videos are always trending because technology has become a part of our lives, and everyone wants to know all about how to handle it.

People after the 1990s were born in the technology era, so all they know is technology. Elders who watched the world transform into a technical hub want to learn more about it so they can catch up with the world.  

Technological videos cover all spheres of the viewer base, and this is what maintains their trending status on the video-sharing platform.


Trends on YouTube keep changing, but some of them also have such a broad following that it becomes hard for people to leave them behind. Trendsetters of such trends have gained enormous popularity and made millions of dollars from such events.

YouTube is a platform you would not like to neglect. Videos are the best form of engagement with people, and it does not look like they are ready to give up on it yet.

Take advantage of all the tactics you can get your hands on and make the most of all the information and attention you get on YouTube.