5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Given how much traffic YouTube receives every single day, wouldn’t it be great if one could make money off of it?

YouTube is a massive phenomenon in the 21st century. Every day, more than five billion YouTube videos are watched by users like you and me. The average visitor count on YouTube per day is 30 million.

Make Money on YouTube


Well, guess what? You can make money on YouTube! And, in quite a few ways.

Being the video-sharing company that YouTube is, it has given a platform to millions of people who aspire to be influencers, musicians, filmmakers, or to make money. YouTube is no more just all about people sharing videos of their pets or riding bikes.

With everything YouTube has to offer, it is entirely free to use. To start your journey on YouTube, all you need to do is to create a free account through a Google+ account (also free).

How you can make money on YouTube is unimaginable. Ryan Toys Review, a YouTube channel with a seven-year-old kid named Ryan, made $22 million becoming the highest-paid YouTube channel in 2018.

Let’s discuss a few ways through which you can make money on YouTube:

Create Engaging Content

It is necessary to understand that to make money on YouTube, you have to create content that is engaging and grabs people’s attention. There are millions of channels on YouTube that create content, and not all of them have a huge following or viewership that can make them money.

Indulge in creating videos that you are passionate about and have an interest in. The overall viewers on YouTube are divers, and all types of videos are watched as long as the content is interesting.

Educational and informational videos have a big viewer base, and people are continually searching for new content. Similarly, music gets one of the highest searches on YouTube, and good music always catches people’s attention.

Make Money on YouTube


Freelance your Services as a Content Creator/Editor

Most of the people that have a channel on YouTube and are trying hard to make it are not aware of this aspect of the money-making tactic on YouTube. Making money on YouTube does not necessarily mean being present in front of the camera.

There are many opportunities to work and earn money from behind the scenes as well. If you are confident about your skills as a content creator and editor, you have an option to outsource your skills for monetary remuneration.

Many successful YouTube channels use this method of hiring freelance content creators for running their channels smoothly and for uploading content regularly.

When this technique seem to not be possible, influencers buy YouTube subscribers to have an established follower base and make creative content to attract more viewers.

Run a Video Blog

A video blog or video log is a form of a blog in which the medium for communicating the content is through video. Now being called a ‘Vlog,’ it is all the rage at the moment, and it mostly is creating videos about the person or anything related to the person.

Making money on YouTube is all about subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more your videos get watched. Vlogs are engaging content because a YouTuber usually creates content about them or their lives, and people always want to know about the person more.

Many YouTubers buy YouTube subscribers from different agencies on the internet to increase their subscriber count, which eventually results in getting them more views on their videos resulting in them making good money on Youtube.

Create and Sell Products on YouTube

This tactic is another excellent way of making money on YouTube. If you are already in the business of creating your products or plan to, YouTube provides an excellent platform for that as well.

A vast variety of products like apps, eBooks, music, art, etc. can be sold on YouTube. All you have to do is create a video of the product giving its description and its functions. Then, add a link of the online store where the product will be available in the video’s description box.

Many people have made a lot of money by selling their products on YouTube. This also contributes to growing your subscriber base and also increases the views on your YouTube channel.

YouTube Logo


Be Unique, Creative and Conversational

Everything different automatically attracts attention. If you can manage to make your YouTube channel look artistic and attractive, it will garner the attention it deserves. Be unique and creative in a way that separates you from the bunch.

YouTube videos that use catchy phrases and videos are viewed more than the videos that are otherwise. Collaborating with other YouTubers is very helpful as it makes you more visible to a new possible subscriber base.

Making an exciting thumbnail is key to having people click on your video. Many channels buy YouTube subscribers from online sources for their videos to become more visible as well. A thumbnail acts as a mini description for your video, so make sure it is eye-catching.

Another way is to come up with original, creative, and clever titles for your videos. A lot of the most-watched videos from a YouTuber’s channel will always consist of all these elements.

It is also necessary to remain in touch with the latest YouTube trends for the Influencer market in order to always create and deliver fresh content.

Creating content that your viewers comment about and suggest is an excellent way of conversing with your audience. It is a psychological fact that people appreciate more when they are heard.


YouTube has been a platform to transform many people’s lives over the years. Starting a YouTube channel does not require any investment in itself. With all the proper and suitable tactics, it only gets easier to start making money on YouTube.

YouTube channels that make creative content, target the masses, and most importantly listen to their views are seen to be more successful on the video-sharing platform. 

In order to make money on YouTube, it is also necessary to be aware of all the latest influencer marketing trends on YouTube.

Being unique and finding different ways to keep people interested in your channel is the key to maintaining and even growing your subscriber base and viewership.

With so much that YouTube has to give, it is only the beginning to an already half-won fight.