5 Tricks That Big Brands Use To Get More Instagram Followers

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Strong and stunning content is the key to achieving a huge fan following on Instagram. However, content alone is fragile and can easily get mixed up with the millions of other posts on Instagram. Your potential audience will not even get a hint of your work. But, you can get Instagram followers if you apply a few tactics and strategies to your marketing campaign.

This issue is one of the reasons why Instagram accounts of large brands are flooded with followers, while new users struggle to get even a hundred of them.

These brands don't just focus on the content, but they also imply advanced techniques and tricks to ensure their visibility. They ensure that their posts stand apart from other material and receive the required amount of exposure.

This blog will tell you about the various techniques that these brands use for achieving their target. So, read on:

Incentivize Consumers

The following are a few posts from some known brands. Have a look at each of them carefully.

This post is from the Instagram account of Meraki traveler’s notebooks.

Insta Posts


Here's another set of posts from café coffee day and David's tea.

Incentivize Consumers


The brands in all of these posts have nothing to do with each other. They sell entirely different products and have different owners. However, the one thing that remains common in all of them is that they all include contest. 

It's not just these brands, but almost every big brands use contest and giveaways to promote their services. Sometimes they informate their audience about something while in other times, they straightaway ask them to follow and tag friends.

Many brands and businesses get Instagram followers by purchasing these services from online vendors to boost their marketing campaign and have a tactical edge over their competitors. 

These contests help them to get more exposure, shares, and most of all, followers. These giveaways also build a bonding between their firm and the customer that ensure future business.

Creating Unique Bios And Content

If you ever study the Instagram Bio of any large brand, you will find that the never stress too much about it. The brands keep their bio too short, simple, and straightforward. Each element of this page is very creative and delivers the fundamental value of their work. For instance, coca-cola use bio description "Spreading optimism, one bottle at a time, or maybe two bottles to share." It is only one small line, but it presents a clear message that the company serves drinks and believes in sharing and friendship.

Instagram Bio of any large brand


Now, this is the kind of phrase that directly hit the emotion of a viewer and makes him/her click that “follow” button.

Once the consumer is in, it's all upto the content, and Coca-Cola is brilliant in this aspect too.

They have the most unique posts that are attractive and complement the brand's appearance. The following are some images from their page. Have a look.

Coca Cola Instagram Source 

This post shows the Upside-down world concept of the Netflix Series and molded it for their brand. Any fan of the series will surely get attracted to this image and read the text “refresh your summer” on it. 

Coca Cola Insta


Here's creativity from Coca-cola. The brand combined vectors and real human images to form this post. It shows friends chilling together, which again is a reference to Coca-Cola's primary value, friendship.

There are many creative posting tricks that you can use in order to attract and increase your follower base on Instagram.

Experiment with Content And Delivery modes

The new users often stick with regular pictures as the content for their Instagram posts. The brands, on the other side, take full advantage of Instagram’s potential. They never stick with only one kind of post.

Let’s take the example of a clothing brand, Marks and Spencer. The following are their recent posts.

Marks and Spencers Insta


Marks and Spencers Insta


M&S have posted pictures, but they have also focused on posting other content likes videos and collages.

Similarly, the brand has also diversified in the modes of sharing information with their potential followers. They haven’t shared on post tabs, but have also used Instagram stories and IGTV. Have a look.

Marks and Spencers Insta


Marks and Spencers Insta


Using Business Accounts

Instagram offers some advanced option for businesses. The business account holder can easy access to paid ads, can sell on the platform, and even get on-site analytics through Insight. The business account also gets a contact tab that displays options for email, contact number, and even shares directions of their stores. They allow a user to get a direct approach to get in touch and share views with your brand. These contacts also come in handy for problem-solving.

The following show the Instagram account of Adidas, Nike, and Dominos.

Adidas Insta

Source: https://www.instagram.com/adidasoriginals/?hl=en

Source: https://www.instagram.com/nike/?hl=en

Source: https://www.instagram.com/dominos/?hl=en

Each of these brands has a business account and is actively using it to gain leverage over small brands.

Collect Content From Instagram Followers

In the world of social media, user attracts users, more than any offer of business. It's because the viewers find it easier to connect with nonprofessional images and videos. The brands understand the opportunity that comes with user generates content and make it a point to collect it. They create their unique hashtags, develop communities to acquire user content, and then use it to their leverage.

This content needs minimal investment and effort but is very high yielding. Therefore, almost every brand adopts practices to collect user data.

Here’s a set of snaps from different brands showing their user-collected content have a look.

Insta Posts


The Final Word

The large brands have been exploiting Instagram for a long time. They understand the working of the user of the platform and have come up with unique tricks to make their account engaging. They have used these tricks and have proved that these tactics can yield results.

So, analyze your account, select your target audience, and molds these tricks according to them. They may not guarantee overnight fame on the platform, but they do ensure that you will have to struggle for an appearance on Instagram.

Moreover, the old question  "why big brands have more followers," will never bug you again.