5 Tips for a Successful YouTube Channel

There is no denying the fact that video content and video marketing has become all the rage in 2019. YouTube has become the network of choice for brands and business to market and promote their products.

Being called the second-largest search engine after Google, 1 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube daily.

YouTube has a lot of opportunities for those looking to enter into the world of video content creation. But, with the opportunities also comes competition.

Getting noticed on YouTube can be tough because of the competition the vast user base throws at you. But, with the correct application of growth tactics and strategies, you can create a substantial and successful YouTube presence for your channel.

Here are a few tips for you to create and run a successful YouTube channel:

Plan your Content 

It is a no-brainer that your content will always be your biggest weapon on YouTube, so, this makes planning your content carefully very important.

Planning the content you create for YouTube is a crucial step for your growth on the video-sharing network. The best way to keep viewers engaged and interested in your channel is by creating well-planned, interactive content.

You should stay updated with all the latest influencer marketing trends on YouTube to create content that viewers are more interested in and something fresh.

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Do your research on the topic you’re creating content for and give it an artistic and creative touch that uniquely brands your channel.

You can also write down guidelines and make notes related to your topic that will guide you through creating your video and keep you stuck to the theme of the content.

Viewers are more interested in watching content they can relate to and tend to sit through such videos more often than others.

Be Consistent

This is one of the most misunderstood steps in creating a successful YouTube channel. To be successful on YouTube, being consistent with your video uploads is not the only consistency needed for growth.

While uploading videos regularly is essential to maintain constant engagement with your followers, it is also necessary to create fresh and quality content.

If you begin your channel with creating content that is of good quality, your viewers are going to expect the same and more from the following content you put out on YouTube.

YouTube subscribers are the key to your channel’s growth on the social media giant. Many channels buy YouTube subscribers to give their growth a push on YouTube. Many channels also follow the traditional time-consuming practices of gaining subscribers.

Downgrading the quality of your content will result in your followers losing interest in your channel, which can hinder the growth of your channel.

Create an uploading schedule and let your viewers know about it (at the end of the video) so they can are aware of when they can expect a new video from you.

Be consistent with your uploads as well as the quality of content you put out for your followers on YouTube.

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Use End Screens to Promote

End screen animations are an interesting and interactive way to promote your web page, videos, channel, etc., and shows up as a pop-up at the end of a video.

End screens can only be added only in the last 20 second of the video, hence the name ‘End Screen.’ So, you have to carefully plan on where the end screen pop-up should appear to attain the most out of the set end screen.

While newly starting on YouTube, many content creators are not aware of these tools in the creator studio and find it hard to attract the desired audience. In such cases, channels buy YouTube subscribers and engaging content to get more exposure.

By clicking on end screens, your viewers care directed to the page linked by you on your end screen. This feature has proved to be very efficient in converting new visitors into subscribers and for gaining more views for your videos.

End screens are an excellent tool for the promotion and can help you hugely in growing your channel and gaining more views on your videos.

Optimize your Videos

One of the most efficient ways of gaining more visibility on the video-sharing platforms is to optimize your content in a way that helps it rank on YouTube.

Create your video with a descriptive and interactive title that users are more likely to search for on YouTube. Keywords and the key phrases play an essential role in optimizing your videos for visibility. Make sure to use your keyword or key phrase in the title of your video.

A description of your videos gives a more precise idea about the content of your video to your viewers. Add a description that is relevant to your topic and includes target keywords of your video.

Using tags that are relevant to your topic will help place your video under multiple categories related to your video.

Using these tips for optimizing will make your videos more visible on YouTube, and can help your videos rank in search engine results.

Collaborate with Other Influencers on YouTube

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, YouTube can be hard to conquer alone sometimes. Collaborating with other influencers on YouTube is an effective way of attracting and expanding your following on YouTube.

Working with other YouTubers will expose you to a new audience that can potentially be an addition to your dedicated audience.

Many YouTubers buy YouTube subscribers to gain more visibility and become more discoverable to the general audience of YouTube. This also enables them to look like a suitable and profitable partner to collaborate with.

Connect with channels that have a similar audience but create content different from yours. Also, collaborate with an influencer whose audience belongs to the niche that is interested in the type of content you create.

Collaborating with other influencers is an excellent tool for the mutual growth of both partners.


Growth on YouTube is a package of different contents like your audience, strategies, the quality of content you create, social presence, planning, and consistency.

Creating a schedule and using the proper tactics for growth will improve the performance of your channel on YouTube and give it the exposure it deserves.