5 Proven Ideas for a Successful Local Facebook Marketing Strategy



With billions of active users on Facebook, the social media platform is increasingly becoming an attractive outlet for marketers. As most of your competitors are already using it, the question arises, then how can you stand out from them? Must be wondering now how to buy Facebook likes, to promote your business? Worry not! This article will introduce you to the proven ideas for successful local marketing strategy on Facebook. Read on to know about them and implement them to earn huge benefits.

Set Goals

For a successful marketing strategy to buy Facebook likes, setting goals is vital. Pin-point some things like- whether you are advertising to create brand awareness or to increase traffic, or you are doing it to gain leads.

When you are clear with your goals for Facebook marketing, then you can easily adjust your strategy accordingly. According to Internet Trends of 2019, 30% of users view Facebook more than once daily. But users check it for a short interval, so you only have a little time to grab their attention.

Use the SMART strategy (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely) to set your goals. Understand it more precisely. For instance, you focus on gaining a specific number of followers; let’s say 500 to 1000 in a month rather than creating awareness about your brand. It would be a SMART goal, as it is specific, easily traceable, realistic, and also has a time component.

If you are planning to increase your sales and leads, your goal should be to convert a specific number of leads with the least cost conversion. For example, you are converting 30 leads with less than $10. These SMART goals will be able to help you in determining whether your Facebook marketing is working or not.

Target Audience

It does not matter how hard you are marketing about your business if it is not reaching the right group of people. A search for your target audience is vital. Depending on your products or services, the target group can be people from the older age-group, millennial, or a bunch of people belonging to some specific profession, etc.

It can be any; the important is to know the way how to find them and buy Facebook likes. You can get an idea by with a simple trick by searching- Pages liked by people that like “Your Page,” replace it with your page name. You will come across many useful suggestions. 

You can even find people with similar interests by using the “Audience Insight Tool.” Here you can analyze the audience based on the common patterns. Like, you can see people with common likes, interests, etc.

You can also use the Facebook Ads Manager to make a custom audience. Upon using this option, Facebook confirms from you with a list of options for how to create an audience. You can narrow down the list at later stages if you consider it very large.

By using these strategies, you would be able to reach to a broad audience with specific interests.  

Share Reviews

How do you finalize a product before buying it? By looking for the customer reviews! The same goes for your business too. Customers trust more on other users review. Standing out from the others on the same platform can be difficult. You can easily capture the attention of your potential customers by providing proof of your excellent services.

Share the positive reviews screenshots from your other social media accounts. Or you can even ask your customer base to share their experience that they gained with your business or services. With your client's permission, you can also share screenshots of positive emails from them.



Are you new to the business and does not have any reviews? Ask your genuine Instagram followers to leave a review about their last experience with you. Use various tactics to get the first few positive feedback for your service.

You can keep an offer for the top 3 or 5 people who leave a review describing why they are happy with your services. When people comment about their experience, you can use it as proof for your audience.

Share Local Content

Local pride is a thing that is consistent across Facebook, as people love to celebrate it. While sharing the content, capture the essence of the locale that your audience is interested. Your business needs to be aligned with events, sayings, history, etc. that belongs to the identity of the city.

You can build engagement by tagging accounts that share content related to your audience interest. It should be done in a very careful manner, don’t end up by overdoing it. Instead of just starting tagging in every post, select the ones that have more impact and are valuable for your audience.

Along with page tags, you can also look for group tagging. This will be more effective, especially when you are working in collaboration or attending industry events. 

Create Engaging Content

While drafting posts for your Facebook page, it would be wise if you plan posts prior and do posting regularly. It will keep your posting consistent, with high-quality content.

To make engaging content, you can use images, video, and even GIF in your posts. Facebook posts with images receive twice engagement than without any visual content. If the posts contain videos, it receives more organic engagement than the posts that are created with still images.



As per the stats, 85% percent of the people view Facebook advertisement videos without sound. It leads the way because viewers find it more engaging. So select the video that conveys your message effectively even without sound. The videos include both live-streaming as well as pre-captured ones. 

While selecting videos and images for your posts to buy 250 YouTube likes, choose the content that naturally draws the user’s attention. Choose only bright and high-resolution videos and pictures.

The written content in your posts needs to be short as users don’t like reading lengthy tests. You can follow the pattern like including three sentences- one to capture the viewer’s attention, second to make your post valuable and one for a call to action.


Marketing on Facebook is effective as gathering high-quality leads is easier here. Hopefully, you have got the best ideas by the end of the article. Follow these proven ways for successful Facebook Marketing and earn huge profit.